February 9

Super-size Your D20

Giant Metallic D20

For Valentine’s Day, some people dream of getting a sparkly, shiny something. Here’s a geeky version – a giant metallic d20 (20-sided die, for the role-playing game un-initiated).

Kat and Cam at Our Nerd Home have rolled up a quick tutorial for you on how to make your own d20 using a piece of ~20″x20″ cardboard (I love how they used cardboard from a Lord of the Rings set of Legos they just happened to have laying around!)

My son’s 20th birthday is this week, so this could be just about the perfect present for me to make for him.

In the post, Kat/Cam mention that they left the numbers off the die to make it a more subtle decor item. If you make this, will you add numbers, or no?

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November 3

Dicey Decor Feature

Today I would like to put Claudia into the spotlight for her amazing crafting skill combine with geekyness.

I stumbled upon Claudia’s store when looking for Christmas presents for my geeky boyfriend. Claudia runs an Etsy store Dicey Decor. She makes and sells glass works based around Dice used for geeky games such as Dungeons & Dragons.
She makes model dice lamps, clocks, candle dishes, paperweights, keyrings, planters, picture frames, dice bowls + boxes. As you can see her work is amazing and perfect gifts for the geek in your life (or just for yourself). I truly recommend a visit to her store!

June 22

+1 of Awesome Towel

My friend Ruth Suehle (who contributed the Drive-In Messenger Bag, the LilyPad Arduino Cake, and an essay on costuming to World of Geekcraft) just came to visit Portland for the first time this week, and brought me an epic gift! She machine-embroidered a hand towel for me with a design from Urban Threads that pairs a d20 with the caption +1 of Awesome. I just love it so much.