September 19

Want To See Iron Man Dancing With a T-Rex?

IBOTKS and T-Rex dancing

I had the pleasure of setting up shop at TopCon this past weekend, a small convention in Topeka, Kansas. It being their hometown, of course the IBOTKS were there (Iron Brothers of Topeka, KS).  They’re a family cosplay group that’s built some amazing Ironman themed cosplays, along with many other costumes too.  I just happened to catch this video of Ironman and War Machine getting their groove on with a T-Rex (and it’s hard to see, but there’s this little kid in the middle of it all dancing his little heart out too).  Needless to say, it was a fun weekend.  If you want to see more pictures from TopCon, head on over to their photo gallery!

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March 12

DIY Dinosaur Plant Markers

DIY Dinosaur Plant Markers

Spring is finally approaching! It’s time to get out spades from the shed and focus on a gardening craft.

Besides strawberries and rhubarb, I have never managed to get anything past the state of seed, but for those who can’t keep their cauliflowers from their broccoli, I present you these Dinosaur Plant Markers. Katie posted a tutorial for this simple, yet elegant project at Punk Projects. So, head over there and get your hands dirty!

December 6

Tutorial Tuesday: Dinosaur Necklace!

Via Craftster

So, here’s something every self-respecting geek-crafter needs to know.

Shrink plastic can be anything you desire.

And like a towel, a pair of pliers are essential kit you should never leave the house without.

Craft blogger Cthuliz shows us all how to make her awesome shrink plastic dinosaur necklace in this great tutorial.

September 28

Star Wars Terrarium at Powell’s Books for Cooks and Gardeners

Imagine my happiness when I was buying some books at my favorite Powell’s for Cooks and Gardeners (in SE Portland) on Tuesday, and saw this huge, super amazing Yoda-with-a-leashed-dinosaur terrarium in the shop window! Megan Walsh and her Powell’s co-workers made this Star Wars-meets-Land of the Lost world inside a large antiqued glass box with ferns and lots of other plants. It’s beautiful in person and they will even open the hinged doors so you can see the scene more closely!

I also got word that Megan has been working on a Star Trek: TNG terrarium (starring Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of course) and I’m sure hoping to see that one too… stay tuned.

June 22

Book Review: Makoto’s Cross-Stitch Super Collection

Makoto's cross-stitch super collectionMakoto’s Cross-Stitch Super Collection by Makoto Oozu is, as it says on the cover, very cool! and not lame! Originally two books published in Japan (Hop, Stitch, Jump! and My Stitch Book), this is an awesome compendium of tiny, geeky patterns and projects to stitch. It’s got robots, dinosaurs, monsters, aliens, insects, sea creatures, travel, and electronics to choose from.

I love the way the book is organized. Part 1 shows you all of the designs stitched in full color. Part 2 is full of an interesting variety of projects with everything from shirts to pillows to an amazing pegboard wall panel (who needs Aida?). Part 3 goes over cross-stitch materials and tools, basic stitches, and detailed instructions for all of the projects.

As much as I would love to make the pegboard wall panel, I don’t have room for that in my house (seriously, I need to make room for this!), so I went small and stitched on a Moleskine notebook cover.

Makoto's cross-stitch super collectionTo get the holes in the right place, I was going to draw lines with a pencil, but the book had great advice–photocopy the pattern from the book and use that as a guide for punching the holes. I opted to use my Japanese screw punch with the smallest tip instead of a book awl and decided to go with the purple pterodactyl. I punched the holes and started stitching.

Since the design is so small, I was able to use threads from my loose stash and stitched with two strands. I think that the next time I stitch on a notebook, I’ll use more strands, but I’m still very happy with how my dinosaur came out.

These designs are so quick to stitch up–I think the pterodactyl took me 15 minutes–these notebooks would make great last-minute gifts.

Rad news! I’ve got one copy of Makoto’s Cross-Stitch Super Collection to give away. Leave a comment telling me your favorite dinosaur and why by Friday, June 24th at midnight ET and I’ll pick a winner at random. Respond to another reader’s comment and get an extra entry (limit one, please). [Edit – midnight ET. I can only stay up so late :)]