March 24

Is there a Doctor in the Tardis?

Is there a Doctor in the Tardis?Yes, there is and not just one but eleven Doctors.

Pixelated Mushroom, who describes herself as a “Librarian based in Australia who likes to knit, crochet, juggle and firetwirl (but not all at once)”, has completed crochet patterns for mini versions of all eleven regenerations of Doctor Who as well the Tardis.  She’s compiled them into a wonderful PDF Collection that you can download here.


February 11

Much Ado About the Tenth Doctor

Much Ado About the Tenth DoctorOr how to transform figures into other characters of David Tennant. Yes, you read that right. Dieastra has been transforming action figures of the Tenth Doctor into other characters portrayed by David Tennant in various plays and films. Her medium used is Milliput which is a UK brand of epoxy putty.

The most recent creation by Dieastra is transforming his first appearance figure as the Tenth Doctor into David’s role in Much Ado About Nothing. Previous, Dieastra has transformed the pinstripe suited Tenth Doctor figure into Hamlet, both the tuxedo version and the ribcage t shirt version of Hamlet.

Dieastra provides step by step photos and directions here with how to do bare arms, here with how to make the feet bare, and here as Dieastra describes developing the shirt and jeans for the one Hamlet figure, finishing up with the final tuxedo touches here.

From there, she has recreated the white navy uniform pictured here from Much Ado About Nothing and gives the tips for it there with clear photos and instruction. The best part is that there will be more to come as she does his full dress uniform from the end of the play and the superman shirt as well!


July 10

Amigurimi Coraline

“I have no plans to love you,” said Coraline. “No matter what. You can’t make me love you.”
— Neil Gaiman (Coraline)

Crochet Coraline doll - amigurumi patternThat may be what Coraline said to “the other mother”, but you won’t be able to say it to this adorable amigurimi by Ravelry poster, Sharon Rose, aka Homemade Obsessions.

I love her little yellow boots, her key necklace, and the drapey blue hair, and of course the button eyes are perfect. (Even though, I have to admit, they creep me out a little bit.)

The blog post includes the pattern, and stepped-out photos for attaching the pieces and hair.

Also be sure to check out Sharon’s patterns for Wybie and the Ghost Girl.

In case you haven’t heard about Coraline, it’s a fantasy/horror novella by British author Neil Gaiman, published in 2002. There was a graphic novel adaptation, published in 2008, and illustrated by P. Craig Russell. The stop-motion animated film was directed by Henry Selick, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2009. [Historical facts per Wikipedia]

Now, unrelated to Coraline, but related to Neil Gaiman…have you seen the footage of the Minnesota Public Radio interview with Neil Gaiman, where they call Mythbuster’s Adam Savage and he does a short singing stint in the voice of Gollum?  According to, it “contains so many different brands of geekery it might shut down the internet.” You simply must see.

May 27

Crafts of WonderCon 2011

WonderCon Intro 2If the San Diego Comic-Con is the arena rock star of the convention world, then San Francisco’s WonderCon is the concert-hall favorite. It’s not nearly as big, but much more manageable, and (in my humble opinion) just as much fun.

I attended two days of this year’s Con, where I met numerous writers, artists, and geek icons. My favorite folks to talk to, though, were the hard-working crafters tabling throughout the Con.

Some had made items to promote books and webcomics, others were devoted to selling thier handmade crafts. No matter the reason, though, they were always happy to stop and share a little about their creations.

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May 4

Star Wars mini Amigurumi

May the Fourth be with you! Over at flickr, Angry Angel posted the coolest Chewbacca amigurumi! It looks felted, doesn’t it? I can’t believe that it’s just brushed yarn. Angry Angel made the pattern for her etsy shop, but Chewy isn’t the only Star Wars amigurumi pattern available: she actually has twelve of the characters!