August 8

DIY: Guardians of the Galaxy Dress


Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? You should do that. Or maybe go see it again and this time do it in your own homemade galaxy dress.  Over at Seditious Joy MaggietheCrafter has put together a tutorial on how to change a black dress into a galaxy you can defend.  I’d say she did an awesome job.  Don’t you think?


Look at that dress, now back to your dress. Don’t you want one of your very own? I mean I have plain black dresses to spare. All you need is some bleach, dye, and patience.

Full instructions can be found at Seditious Joy with an amusing photo tutorial. I’m an easy mark for puns so I greatly enjoy “Stark Contrast.”


July 2

Handmade Star Wars Dress

We’ve featured a few great handmade dresses on Geek Crafts recently – there was the Starfleet dress, the dragon dress, the space dress and the rather bizarre bread tag dress. So here’s another wonderful user submission – a handmade Star Wars dress:

Star Wars Dress by Cation Desgns

Cindy of Cation Designs last year acquired some original Star Wars: A New Hope bed sheets, and did what any crafty science teacher would do: turn them into a dress. And while Cindy is pretty critical of it on her blog, I think we can all agree that it looks incredible.

There are a few other geeky dresses on Cation Designs as well that are worth a look. Check out the Batman Dress or Spiderman Dress, for example. It’s times like this that I wish I owned a sewing machine, knew how to operate one, and had patience in buckets. But then if we could all do this, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome, would it?!

June 5

Dragon Dress

dragon dress

Pink Hickey on Craftster made this amazing, incredible, fantastic, dragon dress. She gave a tutorial on how to make it, tailored to yourself and all. I’ve had this pinned to my Clothing board for as long as I’ve had Pinterest, and the only thing stopping me from owning this dress is getting hold of the fabric – “Shibuki Dragon” The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection 2007. An endeavour worth the effort, if her results are anything to go by!

March 1

Introducing Marsha

Hey all, I will be your regular Friday morning blogger so I thought I would throw a bit of introduction at you first. I am a long time crafter, currently focused on knitting, spinning, and bead working to name a few things that I get my own crafty hands busy with.  So I’m sure geeky knits will be prominent.


I tend to roam the internet as One Geek to Craft Them All, so that should point out at least one geeky place that is precious to me. I’m a fan of comics, fantasy, mythology, magic, cosplay, and plenty of others. To be more specific things that own a place in my heart, include but are not limited to, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Harry Dresden, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Supernatural, Harry Potter; you know the basics. The list goes ever on.

In my day to day life I put my Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to use as Research Associate at a management consultant firm.  I can feel your eyes glazing over from here so I’m gonna stop there. It’s for the best really. My closest friends only vaguely understand what I do. I like statistics, I play with them for a living, is close enough, really.

I’ll see everyone bright an early on  Friday and until then I leave you with a handmade Tardis dress I have been trying to talk myself out of buying by Lex from  Smarmy Clothes.












She also has a great blog with sewing tutorials here.


Marsha can usually be found, roaming twitter as @1geek2craftall or blogging at One Geek To Craft Them All. She thinks cheaters never prosper, unless it’s the Kobayashi Maru. Then cheat like there’s no other way to win.