March 13

Fungi Embroidery

Fungi Embroidery


Who knew fungi could be so pretty? Besides Carolyn, I mean. She’s a PhD student and these “furry friends” are actual fungi that’s she’s studying in the lab. She was so smitten with them that she decided to stitch them up as a decoration for her desk. I love it! You should definitely check out her blog, Allspice Abounds, for a more detailed explanation of this piece and some great close-up shots of the stitches.

And for all you 90s nerds out there, see if you can spot the Wayne’s World reference in her post.

March 24

Met up at the Hanging Tree

The release of The Hunger Games movie has really stirred up geek creativity! Stenciled shirts, cosplay and now… embroidery! Needlework isn’t just for grandmas any more!

There have been a couple of Hunger Game craft swaps running on Craftster and I have to say that I think that this is one of my favorite pieces created! Check out the textures and colors that Audania1 used in her Hanging Tree hoop!

And here’s a close up of the quote she chose…

This is awesome work Audania1!