January 23

Character Aprons

"Character Aprons"Thanks to a friend, I found Bethany Sew-&-Sew‘s blog and her amazing apron creations. collection with a range characters from superheroes to video games icons and Harry Potter. Who doesn’t want to look like one of their favorite characters while cooking a meal? Personally, I’m not big on cooking, but one of these aprons just might inspire me to practice more. Well, probably not, but I would look awfully cute turning on the microwave.

January 9

Polymer Clay Nerdy Robot

"Polymer Clay Nerdy Robot"I am absolutely smitten with the polymer clay robots that Lisastarchild hand sculpts, especially this fabulous nerd love one! I came across her SleepyRobot13 shop on Etsy and fell in love. Her robot creations are charming and have wide ranging appeal to all sorts of nerds and geeks. She makes everything from a Batman Robot to a Zombie Robot. The Super Hero Robot (with glow-in-the-dark underpants!) and the 3-D Movie Robot are also adorable!

January 2

Supernatural Demon Hunter Keychain

Any fan of the TV show Supernatural knows the significance of salt. It’s used as protection from evil and can prevent demons from entering rooms. Salt is also used in various ways to get rid of ghosts.

The Ultimate Demon Hunter Keychain that AngelQ sells in her Etsy shop not only features a vial of salt, but also a couple of weapons that the Winchesters often use when hunting demons. AngelQ also makes a necklace featuring salt, as well as a few more Supernatural themed items. It might not be a bad idea to start off the new year with a little something to ward off evil and negativity, even if only symbolically.

December 19

Tron Inspired Cross Stitch Pattern

Tron Inspired Cross Stitch Pattern

It’s a big weekend for nerds with the movie Tron: Legacy opening in many countries around the world. Bombastitch sells lots of geeky cross stitch pieces and patterns in her Etsy shop including this most excellent Tron inspired pattern. The quote from the Master Control Program to Dillinger is sold as a PDF pattern and looks pretty easy to complete. Well, there’s a 68.71 percent chance that I’m right about that.

December 4

Etsy + NASA = Super Awesome

Etsy has partnered up with NASA for a new handmade contest that is pretty spectacular! Crafters who have created an original design celebrating space are in the second rounds of voting (through this Monday, December 6th) and the prizes for winners are amazing.

From Etsy:

NASA and Etsy invited Etsy members to celebrate artistic exploration and commemorate the end of the NASA Space Shuttle Program with a creative challenge: Share an original handmade item or work of art inspired by the NASA Space Shuttle Program and space exploration at large.

Prizes include a trip to an upcoming launch as NASA’s VIP guest, Etsy shopping sprees, and cool merchandise from NASA and Etsy. The winning artwork might even be flown on the Space Shuttle!

You can see all the entries and vote for your favorites over here. My favorite is my friend (and friend of geekcrafts) Rachel Hobson‘s High Texture Embroidery of the Moon piece, in the 2D Original category – it’s intricate and amazing. If you’re interested in her process, she’s also made a video about the embroidery work and her passion for space (including her stint at Space Camp as a 12-year-old!), and written a blog entry about it all too.

Be sure to vote for your favorite of all 149 entries by December 6th – any registered Etsy member can cast votes in all three categories of the contest!

May 12

Computer Fun Cuff

Etsy seller bishopart has this amazing Girl Scout badge + rick-rack Computer Fun cuff for sale in her shop – awesome!

Best of all, Bishop says:

I will include a copy of the original Girl Scout Badges and Signs checklist so that you can see if you’ve actually earned your badge, or you can earn it again or for the first time.

This badge is for Computer Fun. One of the activities to earn this badge was: “Think up a computer or computerized robot you would like to have. What would it look like? What would you name it? What would you program it to do? Describe your computer to someone in words or pictures?” Hmmmm, do you think Steve Jobs was a Girl Scout?…