December 28

Hobbit Craft: Sting Plush

Sting plush by Choly Knight

A group of 15 of us descended upon a local dine-and-watch movie theater last weekend for the latest (and last) installment of the Hobbit movie trilogy. Definitely epic eye candy – I mean, Legolas dashing up that crumbling tower?  Forget about it!

Bilbo’s trusty blade Sting made an appearance in the film, and served him well. If you would like a decidedly less pointy version with a high cute factor to brandish about, check out Choly Knight’s plushie pattern.

I agree with Choly about what makes this project unique: “the real kicker is the bit of satin stitching I did in glow-in-the-dark thread to simulate Sting’s ability to glow blue when orcs are near.” She says the glow-in-the-dark effect makes it great for pillow fights – which makes me want to make it even more, just to test out!

Have you seen the Battle of the Five Armies yet? What did you think? We did enjoy it, but my husband didn’t think the story merited three full movies.


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September 2

Chicago Comic Con 2011 – DIY edition

As you may have read in my previous post, I recently attended the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago.  While many in attendance were in full-scale cosplay mode (costume-play), some stood out to me because of the craftyDIY nature of their projects.

I loved this crocheted ode to Dr. Who‘s Tardis. My model very sportingly gave me two views.

And with another homage to the good doctor – a walking Tardis! I’m not sure how much of the con this young lady got to see, as she was stopped frequently for photo opps!

Chicago Comic Con 2011 Dr Who Tardis costume

This Scott Pilgrim-inspired couple didn’t seem to think their costume very photo-worthy, but I thought they were great. I loved their little labels on their shirts and the giant mallet. Made me want to watch the movie again. It also reminded me of this fantastic embroidery project, posted on GeekCrafts earlier this year. (And I have seen a girl with hair like that – that’s mine pretty much every morning when I wake up! Except the purple part…)

Chicago Comic Con 2011 Scott Pilgrim cosplay

I had to marvel at this repurposed use of a set of Star Wars sheets, used to create a smart suit for the Mayor of Star Wars Town.

Chicago Comic Con 2011 Mayor of Star Wars Town Chicago Comic Con 2011 - Mayor of Star Wars Town

Unfortunately I didn’t notice many crafty things for sale at booths, but then, I was cruising through the aisles at warp speed. I was able to nab a few pictures.

Chicago Comic Con 2011 superhero fleece hats Chicago Comic Con 2011 crochet Cthulu Chicago Comic Con 2011 video game legos Chicago-Comic-Con-2011 Dr Who Dalek

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July 17

Wizard Plushie Pals

Harry Potter Wizard PlushiesBecause the Snape Potter Puppet Pal just wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving for magical fleece, I found another project for you: “Wizard” Plushie Pals by SaintAngel on Etsy.

They remind me of soft Weeble Wobbles!

Apparently SaintAngel is concerned about a call from the Ministry of Magic, Office of Copywriting Enchantments, because her plushies are named Henry, Ryan, Henrietta and the Great Bumblefloor.  But perhaps you can use a diving spell to figure out who they really are.

Looks like have featured SaintAngel’s work before – check out this post on Spike the Dinosaur!


June 18

Round Up: 5 Fun Yo Gabba Gabba Crafts

Is Yo Gabba Gabba geeky? I’m not sure, but it is on a lot in our house, and I am geeky, so I say yes. Plus there is a magic robot on the show, and who can complain about a show that takes a couple minutes here and there to teach kids how to beat box? Not me. So I scoured the web for five of the most fun Yo Gabba Gabba crafts (one for each character, excluding DJ Lance Rock).

1. Felt Muno

Muno! Muno (he’s tall and friendly!)  is perhaps the most recognized Yo Gabba Gabba character, which is why Catango, on Craftster, remembered him when left with two hours before a birthday party, and no gift! Yes, that’s right, in two hours, she went through her fabric, googled Muno, and stitched this awesome Felt Muno doll together for a friend’s child (who, of course, picked it up and danced around with joy)!

Big kudos to Catango for whipping this guy together under pressure! Procrastinators bow to you!






2. Foofa Tee Shirt

Foofa (she’s pink and happy!) is an odd little monster with a head shaped like a tear drop, and a bigFoofa! flower on her head, a big hit for little girl Gabba fans.

You can find this adorable Foofa Tee Shirt in the CarouselCraftsWI Etsy shop, along with all the other Yo Gabba Gabba monsters. The face is felt applique, with a machine zig zagged border–and the finished product is awesome (the model is pretty cute, too).










3. Brobee Fleece Soaker

Brobee Diaper Cover

Brobee (the little green one!) is a fuzzy, long armed monster that is best known for having a party in his tummy.

BugOnARug makes these awesome fleece soakers featuring Brobee and all your other favorite monsters and you can get them from the BugOnARug etsy shop! For those not “in the know” a fleece soaker is a type of cover for cloth diapers, and fleece shorties are a popular choice for parents using “fitted” cloth diapers.







4. Toodee Amigurumi

Toodee!Toodee (she likes to have fun!) is what seems to be a cross between a cat and a dinosaur. She seems to get into lots of trouble, but manages to get along well in Gabbaland and, of course, have lots of fun!

AlieCat30, a poster on Craftster, crocheted this super cute Toodee Amigurumi as the fourth in her series of Yo Gabba Gabba amigurumis. I personally love the attention to detail on Toodee‘s eyes and whiskers.









5. Plex Cookies

Plex!Plex (a magic robot!) is the robot responsible for getting special guest stars, DJ Lance Rock, and even snacks in and out of Gabbaland.

Edeliu826 bakes and decorates these Plex Cookies that you can purchase by the 2 dozen on Etsy. You don’t have to read Geek Crafts very often to know if there are two things we love, they are robots and things we can eat. Plex Cookies fit both of these requirements!