November 20

Happy (Belated) Wookiee Life Day!

Wookie Life day family photo

I am a lifelong Star Wars fan – I have a picture of my brother and I sitting on our couch in our sweatshirts with Star Wars iron-ons on them, after seeing the first/fourth movie in the theaters (the aforementioned photo is not the same as the one pictured above, however).  Thirty-something years later, and I have just learned of the existence of Wookiee Life Day. And I just missed it – it’s celebrated every November 17th.

May the Fourth – definitely heard of it. Revenge of the Fifth – yep, know that one too. But somehow Wookie Life Day slipped by my Death Star radar.

Perhaps it had for you, too? Allow me to educate.

According to, “On November 17, 1978 The Star Wars Holiday Special aired for one time only on CBS in the United States. Featuring an odd story about Chewbacca reuniting with his family to celebrate the Wookiee holiday of Life Day, it has gone on to live in infamy among Star Wars fans. The special includes appearances and strange musical performances from the cast of the original Star Wars movie, as well as Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Harvey Korman, Diahann Carroll, and Jefferson Starship. To no one’s surprise The Star Wars Holiday Special is renowned for its overwhelmingly negative reception. Lucasfilm has never released the Holiday Special to the public after its initial broadcast, but it has lived on through video recordings and sharing among friends.”

Yes, it was that spectacularly bad. Those of you with a strong stomach can watch about 7 minutes of it courtesy of YouTube: Star Wars Holiday Special – “Happy Life Day”. Be forewarned – Princess Leia sings.

But what can you make to properly celebrate Life Day, you ask? Also according to, “All you need is a way to watch The Star Wars Holiday Special and some Crimson Snuggies,” but I’d also suggest a nice fresh batch of Wookiee-ookies. Shayne posted about the Star Wars Cookbook previously, but I was able to track down the actual cookie recipe at


Then you could serve the wookie-ookies to a whole party of WookSQUEEs and SQUEEwoks, if you can handle the cuteness factor.

WookSQUEE and SQUEEwok party

What about you? Did you do (or make) anything fun for Life Day? Had you heard of Life Day before?



July 12

Tutorial Tuesday: Colour Changing Drinks

This is a must for any of you who are having a Harry Potter movie party.

However you’re preparing for the return of your favourite wizard, whether it’s having an epic 6 movie marathon, getting dressed up, or reading one of the books to your kids (friends/dog?). You can really add a touch of the supernatural to it by serving up some  magical colour changing drinks.

June 21

Breakfast is Power Placemat

breakfast is power placematFrom Link’s bottled milk to Mario’s mushrooms, video game heroes have long depended on tasty foods to gain their powers and heal their wounds.

You may not be able to shoot fireballs out of your eyes after your own breakfast, but you’ll definitely feel like a champ with this Breakfast is Power placemat from Petek Design.

If you’d rather the design as a reminder to your little heroes (or not so little heroes) on the importance of fueling up, you can also order it as a poster for your geeky kitchen.

June 15

Wonder Woman Cake

There is nothing about this Wonder Woman cake I don’t love! The fondant crown is amazing, and the lasso between the layers is perfect. Even the flavors are right up my alley: “the bottom is lemon with raspberry cream cheese frosting and the top is marble vanilla chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting”. RCKFELLA made this gorgeous cake for her friend’s mother’s birthday. And it’s completely from scratch! I think I know what I want for my birthday!

May 20

Trilobite Friday Roundup

Trilobites were once one of the most abundant types of animal on the planet (there are more than 20,000 known species). As a result, their fossils can be found on every continent. They’re instantly recognizable, and so have become a symbol for fossils in general. Combine that with their rising popularity in steampunk and you have one geeky bug!

Trilobite Cross Stitch sampler

Not only are these adorable, but they’re scientifically accurate. The species Phacops, Anomocaroidea, and Asaphida Ogygiocaris are here and “In the interest of science education and encouraging our small community of scienc-y stitchers” Adventures in Stitching posted the patterns: here, here, and here.

Clockwork Trilobite Brooch

Based on the Girl Genius comic (this is the steampunk I was talking about), Jake von Slatt posted the entire process of making this gorgeous brooch.

Trilobite Embroidered ATC’s

Donkeywolf always has the most amazing embroidery pieces, and this is no exception. She made three trilobites, each 5″ across and sewn on silk. Beautiful!

Fondant Trilobite

These are sweet and cute! Complete with instructions and printable template, so you can have your own prehistoric cake!

Trilobite Stuffie

I would have never thought to make a stuffie out of a trilobite, but this one is so cool looking! He’s made out of felt, and I love that his antennae are pipe cleaners, so they can move around.

Knitted Trilobite

He’s so tiny! I wish I could knit so I could have my own…but there’s a tutorial if I ever learn!

Trilobite Bracelet

I know this looks too heavy to be practical, but it’s actually clay! The trilobites are molded from real fossils. Etsy.

Trilobite Softie

And this is the cutest trilobite I’ve ever seen! Floresita made this for her niece using Aunt Martha’s Dinosaur Iron on transfers. I bought that transfer book because of this cutey!

Have a great weekend!

March 16

Bahamut Dungeons and Dragons Cake

I don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, but I do love regular dragons so I appreciate how awesome this cake is. PLUS it has  raspberry compote filling, and  buttercream frosting! Craftster user olmulekiller made this gorgeous 12 inch layer buttermilk cake and covered it in geeky goodness. And it’s not fondant, it’s real frosting, which makes it so much more impressive. It’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost…