May 13

Friday the 13th Necklace

Friday the 13th necklaceI must hang my head in shame. I — a self-proclaimed horror film geek — have never seen any of the Friday the 13th films. Unless you count Freddy vs. Jason, which I kinda don’t.

Doesn’t mean I’m not immune to the bone-chilling effect Mr. Voorhees has. Just looking at his hockey mask scares me…even in itty-bitty pendant form.

Zanti Jewelry offers this hand-cast metal Friday the 13th pendant, among other unique horror movie themed jewelry, in their Etsy shop.

You may not be able to wear it in time for today’s Friday the 13th, but — like the films — there’ll always be another one. Bwa ha ha!

September 4

Friday The 13th Metal Sculpture


Halloween is inching nearer and that can only mean one thing: I will be happily posting all the horror related stuff I can find! I found this Friday The 13th Metal Sculpture by inaBAG while playing with the “pounce” feature on etsy and I have to say, jut the picture was so super cool, I couldn’t just pass it by. If this rendition of Jason isn’t enough on his own, his mask and axe are removable, opening you and your friends up to all sorts of minature axe attack fun.

  • Friday The 13th Metal Sculpture