December 16

Video Game Charms

What’s you weapon? Xbox 360? Atari? Wii? Sega Genesis? Playstation? NES?

Which ever your choice then Alia from Etsy has it covered with this amazing set of controller charms made from polymer clay and accented with acrylic paint.

You can get hold of these delightful items at her Esty store ‘Outpost8’ among other video game and post apocalyptic jewellery.

I recommend you give her a look as she has some truely unique items.

December 12

Peg Doll Geekery

Greeting fellow geeks!

For today’s offering I have Charlene’s etsy store CreativeButterflyXOX.

She specialises in painting wooden peg dolls to be used as cake toppers and Christmas tree decorations.

In her store she has some delightfully geeky specimins, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and many super heroes.

She also has some nice Christmas bits and bobs in now, such as wreaths.

I highly recommend you check out Charlene’s store and see for yourself.


December 9

Crochet Geek

Hello Folks!

Today I would like to introduce you to the work of Jennifer Alberghini

She runs the GundamGirlWing Blog showcasing her crochet work and providing patterns so you can have a go yourself.

Well ‘what is geeky about that?’ I hear you ask. Well I will tell you.


She makes some amazing Pokemon and Digimon characters.

Personaly I love this Quilava and the Venusuar is incredible.

I seriously recommend you check her out even if yo don’t crochet.


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    December 5

    Christmas, Geek-Style

    Geek Gift Guide Etsy Treasury

    We’re deep in Christmas gift-list-making mode at our house, making sure the kids have made their lists, with enough options to divvy up amongst the grandparents, aunts & uncles, and us. Does anyone else have to coordinate all that? It’s enough to make me want to sing a version of “OY to the World”!

    Fortunately, if you’re running out of ideas for the geek(s) in your life, Etsy’s got you covered with their Treasuries. Redd takes care of posting great Treasuries here, but for even more ideas, just search for “geek” at Etsy. I promise you will get many more ideas than you have gold-pressed latinum.

    Do you have a geeky gift guide Treasury put together? Feel free to link us up in the Comments!

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    November 24

    Geeky Gingerbread Xmas Tree Decoration

    Seeing as there are now only 30 days till Christmas I reckon that we need some geeky Christmas decoration inspiration.

    Where better to start that with some Tree decorations?

    Claire (maxxev on Craftster) has started already by making some amazing geek gingerbread men.

    Made by painting up a pre-made gingerbread shape with under-glaze, she is currently waiting to get them glazed and fired.

    From super heroes to Star Trek she is a true geek crafter and well worth a look.

    November 3

    Dicey Decor Feature

    Today I would like to put Claudia into the spotlight for her amazing crafting skill combine with geekyness.

    I stumbled upon Claudia’s store when looking for Christmas presents for my geeky boyfriend. Claudia runs an Etsy store Dicey Decor. She makes and sells glass works based around Dice used for geeky games such as Dungeons & Dragons.
    She makes model dice lamps, clocks, candle dishes, paperweights, keyrings, planters, picture frames, dice bowls + boxes. As you can see her work is amazing and perfect gifts for the geek in your life (or just for yourself). I truly recommend a visit to her store!