May 5

Steampunked Upcycling!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Upcycyling, it’s when you take an item that is no longer of use like an old holey sweater or a broken wooden pallet and you craft it into something shiny and new. You can turn an old sweater into leg warmers or a cat bed. That broken pallet can be morphed into a raised planter box or even bookshelves.

Here is a Most Excellent upcycle that was found on Craftster. Mieljolie was looking for inspiration for a piece to donate to a silent auction at an upcoming Steampunk event. Look at her creation!

It’s hard to believe it but this hat is made up of strips cut from a remnant of polar fleece and the metal tabs that you find on cans of soda. The technique is called tabistry and you use the strips to weave the tabs together. She changed the color of the polar fleece to make the stripes. The beer goggles are made from 2 (now empty obviously!) beer cans, some leather bits and studs for decorative effects.

Ingenious I say!

April 21

The Cake is Not a Lie

The Cake is Not a LieIt’s a hat!  Yes, Nimcraft has created a free pattern for a knitted Portal Cake Hat that is absolutely adorkable.  This hat, a recreation of the chocolate cake in Portal 1 and 2, is also a quite delectable head warmer during cold months.  Knitted in worsted weight yarn, Nimcraft gives suggestions for making it in other weight yarns as well.  Not familiar or a fan of the game portal?  That’s okay, I don’t think there’s too many people that don’t like chocolate cake anyway!



April 8

Dr. Who Meets Jayne Cobb

Unfortunately, the tragically short-lived TV series “Firefly” wasn’t on the air long enough to do a crossover episode, but clever crafter came up with the idea to do a Firefly/Dr. Who mashup project: a knit Jayne Cobb hat done in Dr. Who scarf colors. She (HolyNarf?) calls it her “Doctor Jayne” hat.

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat, pic 2

The effect is so subtle that most would probably not recognize that it’s Doctor Who colors, even if they might recognize the Jayne Cobb hat style. And the colors are definitely male-friendly, which I love – it can be hard to find manly hat patterns. At least for my men. Do you ever have the same problem? Would this hat make the “acceptable crafting” list for a man in your life? Or maybe yourself?

February 24

Friday Roundup – This 99 Cent App Has Taken Over

Friday Roundup


Just one more… Hmm? What? … Yes, yes, I know it’s almost time for the Friday Roundup. Just wanted to finish this lev… I am not! No way I’m addicted to… What? Just pause it and do the round up? Okay, but I’m not addicted to it!

Sorry, guess I had lost tract of time but never fear, for the Friday Roundup is loaded with some amazing patterns to create some fabulous Angry Birds creations (and I am not addicted).

Emjay Bailey, otherwise known as Nerdigurumi has crochet patterns available for free for both the Angry Red Cardinal and the Green Pig.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App Has Taken Over

Knitter can find patterns for the pair as well as the Angry Yellow Bird at Knitterbee‘s blog.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Crocheters do not dispair because Laura Chua offers us a free download for the Angry Yellow Bird.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Michele Villa offers a pattern for a crocheted Angry Birds Cozy which can be adapted to size.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App Has Taken Over

Crafts by Starlight has a pattern for a crocheted Angry Bird Black Bird Hat.  There are also links there for several other Angry Bird hats as well.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Lii Yan seems to have some sympathy for those frustrating Green Pigs and gives us a pattern for a hat.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Not into hats? Then how about an Angry Birds Tissue Box Cover by Donesia Margolis?

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Suzy Vitale has created charts for knitting of the Red and Black Angry Birds.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken OverFriday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some pigs to destroy… Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



January 3

Tusken Raider Star Wars Crochet Hat

Tusken Raider Star Wars Crochet HatWhile I wait patiently for my computer to finish downloading Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I can effectively shed this world and all it’s troubles for a much older world in a Galaxy far, far away, I thought I would browse through Etsy for some wonderful Star Wars related crafty goodness.

When I happened upon BeeBeeKins (A shop for the kids and the kids at heart), and found this Crochet hat, I knew those pesky Jawas wouldn’t be bothering me any longer.  If you scare easily, but then return in greater numbers, this may be the hat for you.

Check it out on Etsy!

Visit BeeBeeKins for even more awesome crafts!

More Star Wars on Geekcrafts!