December 18

Star Wars Winter Warmer Hats

Knit Princess Leia Bun Hat,The weather outside is frightful but Star Wars hats are so delightful… Okay, so it doesn’t really have the same ring to it as the famous Christmas carol but they really are super cool. Anyone worth their salt will know there is a pretty big day coming up in the calender, one which we will all celebrate. Yup, the release of the Star Wars MMO Star Wars The Old Republic on December 20th. Most of us can wave goodbye to seeing our loved ones over the Christmas period but whilst he’s deciding to go Empire or Republic you can at least get some peace and quiet to craft.

This amazing hat is hand knitted by Etsy seller LittleBirdLucy. The knitted Princess Leia Bun Hat is available in Black or Brown and is available in Toddler, 4-6 years, teen and adult sizes. Yup we can all look this awesome, and just think how warm your ears would be!


Leia and Storm TrooperLisa (LittleBirdLucy) also makes an awwwwhhhhhh-dorable little Yoda hat available in sizes newborn to adult.

November 1

Tutorial Tuesday: Typhlosion Hat

Halloween may be over but there are some costume ideas that you might be tempted to wear all year round.

A full blown pokemon costume might be hard to pull off when you’re rocking down your local high street, but a Typhlosion Hat will make you the envy of every gym master from Pallett Town to Veridian City.

Hop over to ClearKid‘s deviantart for the tutorial!


September 26

Star Wars “Rebel Scum” hat

So Star Wars is finally out on Blu Ray, and while I won’t be buying it, my brother did and he’s really excited about it. So in honor of everyone who is excited I present the knitted “Rebel Scum” hat! greenchick knitted this hat for her husband to wear when the Trilogy originally came out on dvd back in 2004.

I haven’t seen all of the changes made to the movies, what do those of you who bought the blu ray think of them?

August 15

Steampunk Cereal Box Hat

This is absolutely brilliant! It looks like real wood, doesn’t it? Can you believe mieljolie made this out of cereal boxes? She made this for the “Day of Wrong” at her Renaissance Fair, since she decided to go with a Steampunk theme. She covered the cereal box (the brim is one piece-family sized Frosted Flakes) in paper mache and tissue paper, the painted it. The long scarf was inspired by the TV show Deadwood. mieljolie said if she makes another one, she’ll try to make it open at the hinges. I can’t wait to try something like this myself!