March 29

Geek-a-Long with Lattes and Llamas

Geek-a-long afghan squares by Lattes and Llamas

The gals at Lattes and Llamas are at it again – Jac and Megan-Anne are hosting another year-long nerdtastic “geek-a-long” mystery knitting project. I spotlighted their endeavor last year, and wanted to let you know they are deep into this year’s project.

They release an all-new geek reference block every week, so you build an afghan over the course of a year. They’ve already featured Bunsen & Beaker from the Muppets, the Flash, Indiana Jones, and Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus.

I *love* that their patterns include both knitting and crochet instructions – it can be hard to find geek love for the crocheters out there, so I appreciate that!

What geek references do you hope they represent in upcoming patterns? Do you prefer knitting or crochet?

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October 5

The Perfect Dessert For Any Halloween Party

You know what it’s like…you get an invitation to a Halloween party and are asked, “Can you bring a dessert?” But what to bring? Your best option might be to bring a tried and true recipe: Chilled Monkey Brains, from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but in cake form.

Love that little underbite!

Bubbleandsweet posted a tutorial over at Instructables on how to put together this great Indian delicacy.