February 22

I’ll Be in My Bunk with Jayne

Jayne Cobb chibi plush by Vicious Pretty

In honor of Adam Baldwin’s birthday on Friday (February 27th), I wanted to share something beyond the iconic hat he wore as Jayne Cobb in “Firefly.” We’ve shared a number of different variations of the Jayne Cobb hat over the years, such as a Doctor Who version, a scarf version, a cupcake version, and a lip balm cozy version.

Today I bring you the plushie version – as in, sitting atop a cute Jayne Cobb chibi plush, as created by Cristina, aka ViciousPretty.

Cristina shared her creation over on DeviantArt, where she also has an extensive gallery of other adorable plushie creations, such as Gandalf, Namor, and a number of Mass Effect characters.

Cristina’s Jayne plushie is so cute and cunning, I just want to take him right to my bunk and cuddle. What character have you created in plush form, or have plans to attempt?

Also, be sure to wish Adam a happy birthday on Friday via Twitter!

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February 23

A Bag They Call Jayne

Jayne Bag by Sharon Muffett

In honor of Adam Baldwin’s birthday on February 27th, I found a fun subtle ode to his Jayne Cobb character on the super-shiny, yet sadly-canceled-before-its-time TV show “Firefly.” Sharon Muffett posted this clever Jayne Bag over on Craftster.

She gathered a compilation of quippy Jayne quotes, created a design in Photoshop, printed it onto calico fabric, and used that to create a bag. Brilliant. This concept would be easy to apply to other fandoms – which would you choose?

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April 16

You Can’t Take The Yarn From Us!!


The evil shadow of Fox has fallen again upon the verse. First they took our show. Now they want our yarn.

In the spirit of things, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite ’Cunning Cap’ inspired crafts… the Cunning Cozy! This cunning little cozy is the perfect place to store (or hide) your lip balm no matter where in the verse you are.

“Not a fan of lip balm? The hat can also be used as a pencil topper or ornament.” ~ Kristin Stevenson

The creator  of the Jayne Hat Lip Balm Cozy is Kristin Stevenson of Tiny Purrs. You may recognize her as the creator of the Ewok scoodie shared on this site earlier in the year.

February 24

All hail Jayne!

Jayne Cobb peg doll

Since February 27th is the birthday of Adam Baldwin, or “the man they call Jayne”, I thought it might be fun to do a round-up of Jayne Cobb related crafts.

Above is a little wooden peg doll I created for my work cubicle – complete with mini crocheted hat and Blue Sun shirt.

I’ve also previously shared my version of the Jayne Cobb hat and a scarf I worked up, and a version of Jayne’s grenade.

Etsy, of course, does not disappoint with Jayne-related projects. Each image is clickable to the Etsy shop of origin.

Jayne Cobb poster - Keep Calm & Carry Vera


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April 8

Dr. Who Meets Jayne Cobb

Unfortunately, the tragically short-lived TV series “Firefly” wasn’t on the air long enough to do a crossover episode, but clever crafter came up with the idea to do a Firefly/Dr. Who mashup project: a knit Jayne Cobb hat done in Dr. Who scarf colors. She (HolyNarf?) calls it her “Doctor Jayne” hat.

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat, pic 2

The effect is so subtle that most would probably not recognize that it’s Doctor Who colors, even if they might recognize the Jayne Cobb hat style. And the colors are definitely male-friendly, which I love – it can be hard to find manly hat patterns. At least for my men. Do you ever have the same problem? Would this hat make the “acceptable crafting” list for a man in your life? Or maybe yourself?

January 30

Hope Your Day is Shiny, Valentine!

Firefly Printable Valentines

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little bling? Or, at least, something…shiny?  As pinned by Kelsey Bennett, the TenthCrewMember over at FireflyFans posted some very shiny printable Firefly Valentines, so you can show some love to your favorite Browncoat.

But wait! There’s more! As in two more versions! I think the one from Jayne, thinking of his Valentine in his bunk, is my favorite.

Firefly Printable Valentine

Printable Firefly Valentines

Surely giving one of these Valentines will keep you from going to the Special Hell, right?

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