February 7

Making “Labyrinth” Dolls From Barbies


Recently, a father posted an album on Imgur of his process of turning ordinary Barbie dolls into customized dolls of Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie into their characters from “Labyrinth.” The dolls were requested by his seven year old daughter, Rowan. Dad even took it one step further: he created custom boxes for the finished dolls as well!

But the amazing thing is when you look at where the dolls started, you think there’s just no way these are going to look like the actors themselves! Dad proved me wrong. In fact, there were three dolls used: one Ken and two Barbies. One of the Barbies even had her hair sacrificed for the Bowie doll.

August 31

Nice Knockers! Labyrinth cosplay

Talking Knockers Labyrinth cosplay by Brittney Benjamin

You gotta hand it to a girl with a nice pair of knockers. Indeed, Brittney Benjamin crafted hers herself, based on the talking door knockers in the movie Labyrinth. Working with two pounds of Sculpey and an old bra, she created some rather eye-catching cosplay. (Though it’s rude to stare.)

I remember watching Labyrinth in my youth, and vaguely remember being pretty scared by it. I should probably watch it again to see why. Probably just the sight of David Bowie in those pants.

October 15

“Search me, we’re just the knockers!”

I loved Jim Henson’s movie, Labyrinth, as a kid. Well, mostly. I do remember being rather scared of the Fireys, and the creepy bit in the rubbish heap. And I’m almost certain I had nightmares about the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Now, of course, the scariest thing about Labyrinth is David Bowie’s leggings, and I actually have very fond memories of the movie, which this wonderful hand-made replica door knocker helped bring flooding back this week.

Labyrinth Knocker

Made by Craftster forum user, chughes225, this knocker is made from a wooden block, foil, polymer clay, and is masterfully painted and glazed. Check out the Knocker from Labyrinth post on Craftster here.

I can’t wait to see the full set. These two characters were so funny in the movie, and I can even hear them bickering in my head now as I type…

“Mumble mumble mumble… you’re a wonderful conversational companion.” “You can talk – all you do is moan!” “No good. Can’t hear you…”