March 12

Amazingly Detailed Star Wars Cross Stitch

Check. This. Out:

Star Wars Cross Stitch

This is an impressive piece of work. I’m always amazed by the time and care taken over large projects –  probably because I have only the patience to stitch emoticons and Space Invaders. This amazingly detailed work depicting Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker really shows that hard work pays off.

Check out the original post on Tumblr. The creater of this piece made the pattern themselves using, uploading an image they found online. I’d love to know how many differrent colours of thread were needed!

May 26

“A New Hope” Cross-Stitch

Luke Skywalker Cross-Stitch“That boy is our last hope.”

If Luke Skywalker had run for New Republic president, he undoubtedly would have asked Shepard Fairey to design his poster, too.

“Manbroiderer” whateverjames made this detailed cross-stitch of Luke in all his starry-eyed earnestness, riffing on Fairey’s iconic “Obama Hope” poster. It’s roughly the size of a hardcover novel, just to give you an idea of how much work went into this.

Whateverjames is such a fan of Star Wars stitching that he created his own Flickr group for us needlepoint Jedi: Han Stitched First. Looks like he also has plans to expand it into a blog, so keep your eyes peeled for more Star Wars stitchery from this guy!

[Via Mr. X Stitch]