July 16

Superhero Comic Book Magnets

In nearly all flea markets, you can find a stash of comic books. What to do with them after reading them? You can make magnets! Amanda over on Crafts by Amanda has written a great post that gives you a tutorial on making them!

Comic Book Magnets


After you’ve made your plethora of magnets for yourself and friends and gifts, she has a link to learn how to make comic book coasters!

So the next time you’re at a flea market, hunt down those comics, and let the fun begin. Amanda also has 2 craft books, be sure to check them out!


March 26

Instructable: Magnetic Pac-man Calendar

Pac-man Calendar

I love this submission we received. It’s such a simple idea that it’s one of those things you think “why haven’t I seen this before?”. The board is a metal plate, and all the pieces are magnetic so re-positionable for maximum retro-geek fun. I’m definitely planning on giving this a go. We get heaps of stupid free advertising fridge magnets in our mailbox, so perhaps this is a good way of upcycling them!

Head over to instructables.com for the How-To written by ChrysN. And don’t forget to post some pics below if you give this a try yourself! I’d love to see this applied to other games, such as a Space Invader calendar where each invader is a day of the month and you get to blow one up each morning – it would be especially nice to kill Mondays!

February 8

Crocheted Katamari

Ooh! I could have a real katamari that actually picks things up! (Well, a “real” katamari, at least.) I just need to coerce one of my knitter/crocheter friends into making me one using this pattern. Evidently you can also needle-felt a similarly magnetic katamari using the instructions in the how-to guide I Felt Awesome. Watch it in action here.

January 19

Dammit, Jim!

Let’s face it: One of the best things about TOS was every time Bones said, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a _____.” It happened a lot. The more it happened, the funnier it got. It’d make for one helluva drinking game (I’m sure it already has, in fact). So, naturally, this Trek magnet/button set tickled me. There are bunch of geeky button and/or magnet sets in the hownice Etsy shop, so peruse at will.

May 3

Tutorial Tuesday! DOUBLE FEATURE!! Monsties and “World of Geekcraft” excerpt

I’m just getting crochet-envy now! Check out these adorable Amigurumi mini-monsters (or Monsties, if you will) Created by crocheting blogger and fellow English person EssHaych AKA Sarah from Essex…. I went to university in Essex… small world… anyhow….

You’ll have to know something about crochet (unlike me) but she’s offering the pattern for how to make these cute little critters for free over on her blog! She’s also put together a bright, clear photo tutorial to help you make those pesky legs.

These are just adorable. If I lived in a Studio Ghibli Film I would completely have a little group of them following me around everywhere I go…

World of Geekcraft by Susan BealSTOP THE PRESS!!

I got a second one for you! being that this is the Week of the World of Geekcraft (for all you wonderful people on the WorldWideWeb watching these words … uh oh.. I fell into an alliteration hole) I feel it’s my duty to point you towards the book excerpt that was featured on the Craftzine Blog yesterday.

In their celebration of the launch of the book, Craftzine are giving away a free tutorial from the book for how to craft your own “Pow!”  “Zap!” comic book fridge magnets.

Now while you’re passing the fridge, you can remind yourself that you are not a domestic Goddess, you are a domestic Superhero (key difference? superheroes can eat chocolate cheesecake… goddesses can’t they’re incorporeal! … hah! in your FACE goddesses!)