July 21

Metroid To Go.. and other game pieces

Metroid To Go Gaming is not part of my geekness — well, except for Angry Birds.  But I do have friends who are quite proficient in various video games and so have heard the term Metroid bandied about amongst them occasionally.  However, I did not realize just how cute they could be until I spotted Ellen Kramer‘s series of plush keychains of various characters from video games.  For sale in her shop on Etsy called Smellestine, the key chains include Pokeman, Mario Star and Metroid.


July 10

Tutorial Tuesday: Piranha Plant Party Bowls!

There are all sorts of rumours about backstage parties at rock concerts, where debauched millionaires would be served illegal substances off of naked ladies’ stomachs … but when I’m a millionaire I want candy… served from a Piranha Plant!

Luckily Cute as a Fox has a fantastic tutorial to enable my minions to make them for me! … THAT was lucky…

Seriously though, imagine having these at a wedding reception? how hard would that rock!?


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March 5

Cosplay Pics from Naka-kon 2012

My husband and daughter recently returned from their annual sojourn to a local anime convention, so I thought it might be nice to introduce you to it as well. Dubbed Naka-kon, this convention is held annually in Overland Park, Kansas, to “celebrate Japanese animation and the influence anime has in the Midwest and around the globe by educating people from all walks of life in many diverse facets of popular and traditional Japanese culture.”

No matter whether promoting Japanese anime, video games, or the otaku lifestyle in general, these Kon-goers love to cosplay! The following are but a few examples that my husband took over the weekend.

Montage of photos from NakaKon 2012

I spy cosplayers as No Face from Spirited Away (or what I call “that freaky ghosty thing”), Mojo JoJo from Powerpuff Girls, a Stormtrooper, Mario & Princess Peach, and GLaDOS from Portal, but I don’t recognize the others. Do you?

February 18

Gardening Mario Style

With the coming of March, my mind turns to starting my container garden. I love working in the dirt, planting seedlings and then cooking with the lovely veggies and herbs that I watched grow. It’s a labor of love for me.

Last year,  the concept of garden art fascinated me and I’ve spent several months thinking about how to decorate my planters. While surfing the Net for ideas, I came upon this and was blown away!

Mario inspired garden art made with Sculpey and chicken wire!

Kalapusa made a Piranha plant, a teething baby Piranha plant, a suspicious carrot and my absolute favorites, some green thumbs! She has also created a video on the making of the Momma Piranha so that you can see the basic steps in her process.

Making Friends by ~Kalapusa.