May 2

I Feel Like I Need This In My Life

Ben Riddlebarger of The Art of Ben Riddlebarger on Etsy, recently posted a series of pictures on Imgur of a lamp he made. I feel like I need this kind of lamp in my life, and could probably do a halfway decent job of recreating it for my on she-nerd cave.


It’s exactly what it looks like: a gold Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber fighting a gold Great White Shark. Behind them, on the other side of the lamp is a gold mini Millennium Falcon. It looks like they were attached to a brass lamp. This is perfect, in all it’s randomness.

Ben Riddlebarger currently resides in Dayton Ohio where he spends his free time drawing like a mad man. He enjoys sushi, comic books, Judge Judy, colorful walls, and the company of eccentric people. His art comes from his dreams, experiences, joys, and random thoughts- all of which are weird.

July 5

The Biggest Geek Craft…Of All Time!

Wow, I thought I was going to go all Kanye West for a second…“Yo ‘Geeks Are Sexy,’ I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Chris Lee has one of the biggest Greek Crafts of all time! One of the biggest crafts of all time! I’m sorry.”

cock pit

Chris Lee, known as the Disco Trooper, and his friends are on a quest to build the ultimate Star Wars prop: a 1:1 scale ESB/ANH hybrid Millennium Falcon with complete, correctly scaled interior. According to their site, Full Scale Falcon, they used the DK Ultimate Collection blueprints as a guide and calculated the final outer dimensions of the structure.

Length: 114 feet
Beam (docking ring to docking ring): 81.5 feet
Height to top of body (not counting quad-laser turret): 24.9 feet
Height to top of dish: 30.9 feet
Clearance: ground to landing gear bay level: 7.8 feet
Clearance: ground to outside bottom of cockpit tube: 13 feet

The actual construction started in 2013. If you go through the blog, there are a ton of photos as the work is being done. The latest work is the cock pit button panels.

December 8

Star Wars Cookies Using Holiday Cutters

Star Wars cookies using holiday cookie cutters

So it’s the time of year when you may be busting out your holiday baking supplies, ready to get your peanut butter blossom and jam thumbprint cookie on. That’s cool, if you want to be like everybody else. But we here at GeekCrafts are prone to take it up a notch. A rather geeky notch. In which case, this project will probably appeal to you.

Callye Alvarado at Sweet Sugar Belle has come up with a clever way to repurpose several ordinary holiday cookie cutters into Star Wars greatness. In the picture above, check out how a candy corn becomes an Imperial Cruiser, a wrapped candy becomes a Tie Fighter, an ornament becomes the Millennium Falcon, and a bell becomes Darth Vader. On her blog, also see examples of a morphing tombstone, Santa Claus, spider, and skull.

Will you be doing any holiday baking this month, either geeky or generally festive?

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October 4

May the Force of Origami Be With You

Origami is one of those things that always seemed like magic to me when I first learned it. A few folds here and there and poof! A piece of paper had turned into a swan, or butterfly. So in true Geek Crafts fashion, I’ve found two ways to turn origami geeky! The first is the most iconic ship of the Star Wars universe – the Millennium Falcon.

Courtesy of Wired Magazine, has posted an illustrated tutorial on how to fold your own version of Han’s beloved ship.

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.” 

Origami Millennium Falcon

“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought!”


And, in case you’d like to make Luke’s ship to accompany Han, Xenobia has posted instructions to make an origami X-Wing over at Just try not to get it stuck in any swamps.

Origami X-Wing

A few pieces of paper, a bit of time, and you can make your own Rebellion fleet! And remember, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

April 6

Mountain Dew Voltage Giveaway Winners

Big thanks to everyone who submitted a geek craft! Through the very scientific process of my husband and I picking the entries we liked best, here are the winners:

Mario in Polymer Clay

ICandee made this scene from Mario Brothers in polymer clay.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cake

Tae submitted this absolutely amazing Millennium Falcon cake on Ace of Cakes. How could anyone stand to cut this one up?

Crocheted Pi

This very cute crocheted Pi symbol was made by Alicia Kachmar and submitted by Taine HR.

Star Wars Bantha Plush

JasonT was inspired by a project on the Star Wars Kids Craft blog and made his own Bantha plushie.

Zelda Triforce Drink

LyricalDevil submitted this Zelda Triforce drink, recipe by The Domestic Scientist. I think this is the first beverage we’ve had on Geek Crafts.

Taine HR, Lyrical Devil, JasonT, Tae and ICandee – send your real name and address to so I can send you your prize packs!