December 7

My Little Mad Max: Pony Road


They say friendship is magic, but it is shiny and chrome too? Artist savethewailes obviously thinks so. Take a look at the amazingly detailed Mad Max My Little Ponies this artist has created. This has to be my favorite pony mashup ever.

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November 28

Are You Satisfied With Your Care?

Hello All! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving (or a great Thursday, if you’re outside the US). If you’re looking for movies to go see this weekend, I highly recommend Big Hero 6. It’s adorable and full of science! Plus, Baymax, who is the lovable healthcare robot, is a truly great character.

Part of Baymax’s programming is to be huggable and caring, and these crafts can help you make your very own robot healthcare companion!

First, for all you crochet lovers, Kamilla has posted an accurate and adorable crochet pattern on her blog,

Baymax Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking for a quick and cute project, Carolina from has instructions for a Baymax Bandage Tin, for those accident-prone people in your life, or those who just like to be prepared. (It’d make a clever stocking stuffer as well!)

Baymax Bandage Tin

And lastly, Jessica has posted her version of a Baymax plushie, filled with rice so you can heat him up to help with aches and pains. You can buy the plushie for $45 from her etsy store, or you can follow the plushie tutorial made by Hiro Hamada and make your own!

Baymax plushie
Baymax Rice Plushie
Baymax pattern
Pattern for Baymax Plushie


I hope you are satisfied with your Geek Crafts today, and that you all have a wonderful and geeky day!

June 1

Home Decor: Maleficent Dragon Trophy

Paper Mache Maleficent dragon trophy by Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder

In honor of the “Maleficent” movie premiere this past weekend, I wanted to share an amazing project by Dan “the Monster Man” Reeder: Maleficent Dragon Trophy. It was a custom commission project which he sold for $2000.

Dan used paper mache to recreate the head of the Maleficent dragon head, and mounted it like a wall trophy – clever idea and goregous reproduction! Impressive attention to detail with glass eyes and LED lights to make it extra ominous.

Have you seen the new Maleficent movie yet?

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May 12

How to Train Your Dragon – Toothless Plush

One of my favorite movies is How To Train Your Dragon – I especially love Toothless, the Nightfury dragon that Hiccup befriends over the course of the movie.  One of the problems for Toothless fans everywhere, though, was the fact that the official plush for the movie looked downright ugly.  (I’ll spare you all and not link to it here!)  nooby-banana on DeviantArt, however, created a solution to that problem.

toothlessplushThis Toothless Plush looks much better than the official movie plush!  There’s a tutorial for creating a Toothless of your very own that starts here – it’s split into seven parts, and is pretty easy to follow.  I’ve even made my own Toothless following the pattern – and while it was definitely time-consuming, it was worth all the work.

toothlessplush_bethThis guy here is the one I made – you can read more about him here!



March 3

Knit Alien Facehugger

Knit Alien Facehugger

For Christmas I got my husband the Alien Anthology on Blu-Ray, plus “Prometheus“, so we have recently reacquainted ourselves with the classic films. I tell you, there are still some spots in those movies that make me jump! Like when the Alien Facehugger pops out in the sick bay, particularly!

So when I saw this Alien Facehugger knitting project on Craftster, I had a moment of heebie-jeebie. She did a great job on it! And extra points for providing a pattern so others could join in on the creepy-crawly knitting fun.

June 16

Well, hello beautiful.

What can I say? Heath Ledger won my heart very early on in his acting career in the U.S. From “A Knight’s Tale” through to “The Dark Knight”, his name pulled me to the theaters time and again.

I found this afghan on Craftster and my heart just melted. Not only is it is very well done and a labor of love, but it’s a great tribute to his life, his work,  and his impact on our movie industry.

Pesky Pixie! Thank you for creating this beautiful afghan!

The Joker – Heath Ledger afghan – CROCHET.