April 27

Friday Round-Up: Fish with Feet

So, this week’s Friday Round-Up celebrates one of my heroes, Darwin. The well-known two legged take on the ichthys symbol  is used by fans of evolution (can a scientific theory have fans? Does it matter if it does or not? It’s popularity’s kinda irrelevant; it’s still true…). Darwin Fish (Or Tonys, as all good Feeters know) are rough depictions of Ichyostega, the remains of which are important transitional fossils between tetrapods and fish, since they have a tail and gulls akin to fish but amphibian style skull and limbs.

So, I present to you my ten favourite crafts in honour of both Darwin and Tony…

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April 24

I Am Polymethyl Methacrylate

Mooching around Covent Garden between shows on my last matinee day, I came across these gorgeous necklaces and brooches made by Brendan & Ruth from I Am Acrylic. The pair of them design and make all the awesome designs you see here, as well as other jewellery inspired by ‘space and sky and nature and things.’ I really love the simplicity of the icons, and the bold use of colour – the necklaces would look great worn layered together.

Every piece is individually cut on a fretsaw, from acrylic or wood, then hand finished in their Spitalfields workshop. They sell in a number of stores through out the UK, or online at their site and etsy shop.

I Am Acrylic

I Am Acrylic Etsy

March 21

Lucky and Lovable

I’m not sure if The Neverending Story is truly geeky or just beloved by children of the ’80s, but dragons are inherently a bit geeky, no? At least that’s my reasoning behind sharing this Falcor [sic] the Luck Dragon necklace. Also: It’s flat-out adorable. As are some of the other goodies in Rude & Reckless’ Etsy shop—this Monocled Octopus Necklace is particularly enchanting.

February 20

One for the Biology Geeks!

Today I have searched the digital shelves of Etsy for something to delight the biology geeks. And I found the wonderful works of Anatomolgy. She creates jewellery based around body parts. My favourite is this heart pictured but she also features bones, brains, neurons, synapses and some atoms for the chemistry lovers among us. I recommend you check her out, I shall be dropping hints with the boyfriend for my birthday!

January 26

A craft with some “heart”

I should get someone less-cheesy to write my post titles, shouldn’t I?

As you might have guessed, I’ve got a soft spot for science-themed accessories. I have some purple resistor earrings, some tiny circuit earrings, a caffeine molecule mug, and, after the post two days ago, I admit, I’ve already ordered a Darwin’s Tree of Life from Surly Amy.

So it’s unsurprising that I was drawn to this awesome heart-beat necklace, from BrightTigerDesigns on Etsy! It seemed seasonally-appropriate, too: what’s a more perfect Valentine’s present for your sweetie (or yourself) than a heart beat? Also, bonus: buying it would support a small crafter, rather than a giant card or chocolate company, in the bargain!

January 24

Surlyramics; Scents n’ Science

I stayed up last night going through the Geekcraft archives. 224 pages, lots of coffee and a hugely increased level of nerd on my Pinterest later, and I am in shock (okay, there is a small chance it’s actually a caffeine overdose). There is no Surly Amy on Geekcraft.

This is a tragedy, and one I intend to rectify right now.

Surly-ramics started off with our gal Amy making necklaces for herself that proved to be so popular with her friends and colleagues that they would buy them right off her neck. She set up an Etsy store selling her jewellery, enlisted hubby Surly-Johnny for help crafting, and expanded her range to also include bangles, earrings and cuff-links.

Amy is a blogger over at the Mad Art Lab ran by Skepchic, so it’s to be expected that she finds inspiration in science and nature; you’ll find her shop packed with maths humour, scientific symbols and even the occasional Tardis for you Whovians. Her latest range is ‘Surly Scents’ – to which you can add drops of the essential oils that come with your purchase (or your own perfume if you prefer). When you wear them, your body heat warms the ceramic so that the smell dissipates around you.

Surly-Ramics donates to a number of animal charities, so if you purchase from them you get to feel beautiful on the inside as well as looking beautifully accessorised on the outside. Double whammy!

Now what are you hanging around here for? Go check out the amazingness: