July 31

I Hearth You Friendship Necklaces

I Hearth You Friendship NecklacesYou know those friendship necklaces?  The ones where one side says “Best” and the other side says “Friends”, and you can wear one while your friend wears the other?  I always thought the person who got “Best” got the better end of the deal, because they were the best.

Finally there is a perfect way to show the night elf in your life how much you care, with these I Hearth You friendship necklaces.  You will be the coolest friends in Azeroth thanks to Stephanie Williams of rainbowdarknesss on Etsy.  Her shop has all kinds of cool, geeky, awesome stuff made from polymer clay and more.

Check out the necklaces!

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July 29

Go Team Venture Necklace

I was so shocked to learn yesterday that there was no Venture Brothers on Geek Crafts. So after Henchman 21 yesterday, I’ve followed it up with Hank and Dean Venture!

Awesome Etsian Pica Pica Press carves these by hand onto brass. It is a million kinds of amazing.

Her shop is full of epic geekery so you should go and check it out post haste.

Buy this necklace

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July 28

Scrabble Tile Jewelry by Laura Mac


Though there are numerous crafters out there upcycling old Scrabble tiles into jewelry, my favorite is Baltimore-based artist Laura MacDougall. She takes Scrabble tile jewelry to the next level, from fun and kitchy to, well, elegant.

Each Scrabble tile pendant showcases one of Laura’s beautiful nature photographs. It’s then strung up with semi-precious stones, making a piece that you’d be proud to wear out to a special event. My favorite is this striking peacock feather necklace.

She’s also been thinking outside the box (if you’ll pardon the pun) and experimenting with round pendants, which lend themselves well to her photography.

If you’re not into jewelry, Laura also makes simple yet lovely book thongs, which are perfect for that beach-blanket read this summer.


July 28

Caffeine Chemical Structure Necklace

Caffeine Chemical Structure NecklaceThis isn’t the first time that a caffeine molecule has made it’s way onto geekcrafts.  There is just something about caffeine that fuels geekery.  I had already decided to find some funky craft dedicated to the chemical structure of everyone’s favorite late night gaming friend when I happened upon this awesome necklace by Etsian polly925, I knew i had to share it.

The necklace is made of total awesome, and possibly some other stuff like sterling silver, but don’t take my word for it.

Go see the necklace!

Visit polly925 on Etsy!

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June 21

Alice Omega Necklace

Alice Omega NecklaceIn honor of the release of Alice: Madness Returns, here is a beautiful replica of the necklace that Alice Liddell wears in the game.  The Omega symbol is made of a hypoallergenic metal, and has been beautifully crafted by Etsian CaarigzkopfWorks. American McGee’s Alice was one of my favorite games, despite how difficult it was, and I am really enjoying playing through Madness Returns.