February 28

Binary Code Love Pendant


I just found this sweet yet geeky pendant on Etsy from seller melissajlee. She hand-formed the pendant and added a resin heart. As of this post, it’s available to purchase.

Unrelated, check out the article Gamers’ Sugar High on forbes.com by Geek Craft reader and freelance writer Bonnie Ruberg. Geek Crafts is mentioned and there are some other links that you would all enjoy.

January 24

Twilight Resin Necklace

Twilight Resin Necklace

I wasn’t going to read the Twilight series. I don’t do scary and I figured books about vampires would be scary. But then I caved and became as obsessed as every other teenage girl. Oh, wait, I’m way past “teenage.” Anyway, the books and the movie – I love them, so I was really excited to see this Twilight Resin Necklace that Craftster user merrydeath21 made for her daughter. You can click through to her post to read about how she made it with resin, printed images and a daily pill sorter.

Anyone else have a Twilight craft?