July 31

Tutorial Tuesday: LED Boo Wall Art

This super cool Light-up Boo rocks my world!

But the question is, would you be too scared to have it in your bedroom?! … haha, don’t turn away… DON’T BLINK! BLINK AND YOU’RE DEAD!!

If you’re made of sterner stuff than me and aren’t easily scared by MDF shapes, you can make your own light up Boo by following Ynze’s tutorial on Instructables.


July 21

Metroid To Go.. and other game pieces

Metroid To Go Gaming is not part of my geekness — well, except for Angry Birds.  But I do have friends who are quite proficient in various video games and so have heard the term Metroid bandied about amongst them occasionally.  However, I did not realize just how cute they could be until I spotted Ellen Kramer‘s series of plush keychains of various characters from video games.  For sale in her shop on Etsy called Smellestine, the key chains include Pokeman, Mario Star and Metroid.


July 10

Tutorial Tuesday: Piranha Plant Party Bowls!

There are all sorts of rumours about backstage parties at rock concerts, where debauched millionaires would be served illegal substances off of naked ladies’ stomachs … but when I’m a millionaire I want candy… served from a Piranha Plant!

Luckily Cute as a Fox has a fantastic tutorial to enable my minions to make them for me! … THAT was lucky…

Seriously though, imagine having these at a wedding reception? how hard would that rock!?


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May 19

Just a little Link

Who isn’t addicted to the Legend of Zelda? It has worked its way into the ranks of Best Video Game Ever list. Link has slashed his way through countless enemies and into the hearts of many of us. While doing a bit of geeky research earlier today, I found an etsy shop that is sure to please any Zelda lover.

Grandma Thunderpants! has an amazing collection of poly clay creations including this Link necklace. Give her etsy shop a look for some incredible creations!