February 27


How cute are these glittery little Pikachu ballet flats? So cute? Tremendously cute? Catherine Gretschel will make-to-order your size, and you’ll find a variety of geeky themes available in her Etsy shop. The shoes are coated with several layers of resin to keep you from leaving a trail of glitter as you shuffle through your day.

P.S. I didn’t realize this until about two years ago when I was doing research for a video game I was designing about ecology, but pikas are actual, cute little rodents that live in the mountains. I really thought the word “pika” was an adorable Pokemon made-up-word.  Go tell everyone ^.^

January 10

Tutorial Tuesday: Mario and Sonic Quilt

It hurts me a little inside (or should I say, I get a little smaller, and lose my rings!) to see these two guys side by side. I love them both so much but it just reminds me that there won’t be any new SEGA consoles anytime soon… and that reminds me of the Dreamcast (swoon) … and that reminds me of Shenmue… I digress…

Instructables member SheWhoMustNotBeNamed has the perfect solution to my discontinued-game-console woes, with a fantastic Mario and Sonic quilt tutorial.

I could wrap myself up in it while I play my old Master System games…. doesn’t look the same on a 32″ TV *sniff*……………

January 3

Chewing Your Ear Off

Chewing Your Ear OffMaybe your boss is a real nag; maybe you like it when your other half nibbles on your earlobe, but I absolutely guarantee that neither of them have anything on these Piranha Plant earrings – they’ll really bite your ear off.

The carnivorous baddie has gotta be one of the most recognisable gamer-geek icons, having been in use since Super Mario Bros first hit the shops in 1985, so the earrings have a cool retro sort of vibe, announcing to the world your NES roots.

I’m always impressed by anyone who can sculpt, especially on such a teeny tiny scale, and these little monsters are so well made that you’d never guess they were hand crafted from polymer clay.

Creator Liz is obviously a real Nintendo gal, her Etsy shop LizGlizz is packed with Mario, Pokémon & Zelda paraphernalia and well worth checking out. Her shop is pretty low on stock at the moment, following the Christmas rush, but she’s crafting as I type, so I suggest you get bookmarking to be first in line once they’re back in store.

Youch! Piranha Plant Earrings

LizGlizz Etsy Store

December 8

Goomba’s Shoe Luigi – Flickr Thursday

Since it’s been a while, let’s refresh your memory. Once a week I go into the Geek Crafts flickr pool to find and share an awesome photo with you. This cannot be done if you don’t join the group and submit your geeky crafts. No, seriously. Go do it now. It’s okay I’ll wait…

Are you done? Okay good!

This week’s find is called Goomba’s Shoe Luigi. Submitted by Danny_8bit, I’m pretty sure it’s a tree ornament. There’s a blog post all about  but not speaking Japanese myself, I still don’t know. I do know, however, that it is awesome!

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