October 24

Make Your Own Octopi Amigurumi Army!


You don’t have to make an army of them, but why wouldn’t you? Check out this free crochet pattern, designed by Adorably Kawaii on Craftsy. It’s a beginner level pattern with pictures, and did I mention it’s free? I imagine it would be a great scrap buster too, and it would be easy enough to replace the safety eyes with buttons if that’s what you’ve got on hand.

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March 14

Wraped Up In A Tentacle or Eight


It’s been quite cold these past few months. Who wouldn’t want something warm to wrap themselves up in? Designer Kraftling has got you covered with their Double Knit Kraken Cowl.

Who wouldn’t want that wrapped around them during the next Polar Vortex, Blizzard, -30 wind chill day?  For those that don’t know double knitting is a simple process by which you create a two sided fabric, reversible fabric as you knit. An easy process that gives you a double thick fabric in the colors of your choice.


September 27

Knitting: Put a Demi Octopus on It

Over at   Pigu Pigu Design we have the pattern and tutorial for creating a Demi Octopus.  The pattern is knit flat so you then have the joy of placing it on anything, and everything.  Add it to sweaters, hats, gloves, bags, shawls, blankets. Really Anything that holds still long enough could get an octopus or two.


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July 15

Meet Spocktopus: A Highly Logical Octopus


Often when I can’t fall asleep at night, my thoughts turn to crafts. I solve all sorts of crafty conundrums in that drowsy half-dozing state – the perfect glue to adhere something, the right binding for a sewing project, where I last saw my size “P” crochet hook…

Plagued with menopause-induced insomnia, Karen at SewMuch2Luv lay awake one night and thought of crafts, too. That’s how she came up with the idea to combine an octopus with Star Trek for a friend. The result: Spocktopus.

I love that he has the gold rickrack on his tentacles – nice detail.

What kind of crafty meanderings keep you awake at night? Or what project would you work on if you had insomnia?

January 25

Embroidered Tentacle comin’ to get you!!!!

I HAVE to feature this because jemimah was recently ROBBED (robbed I tell ya!!) of a place in Craftster’s featured projects for January.

For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t, and I embroider!) this type of 3 dimensional embroidery is called stumpwork, and it’s formed by using wire to help support your embroidered piece. This little baby has (to date) amassed 6 pages of comments since the 16th January. It’s really blown our minds over on the needlework board, I’d never seen stumpwork before, and to see it used in such a contemporary way is truly stunning. this hoop is only 3 (or 4?) inches wide, this is a tiny tiny bundle of AWESOME!!

Cinnamoon has by far the best suggestion: “That’s amazing. It would be really cool to have a whole row of them at different heights so that it would look like a sea monster was coming through the wall.”, you’re not wrong Cinnamoon!!