December 11

Awesome Pac Man Crafts

Lovely lady k4tr1n4 has made an amazingAwesome Pac Man t-shirt new interactive t-shirt perfect for little boys and big boys alike! The little white dots are made of velcro and the super cute ghosts are made out of felt so they can be stuck and unstuck to your hearts content.

Alternatively, the girly girls out there might prefer a little cross stitch with their retro gaming… Craftster CaribouOnTheSea got a little carried away with her Pac Man scheme and made this wonderful and ‘punny’ project.

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November 2

Portland Post-It Pac-Man

I was downtown a few days ago and spotted this cool little Post-It Pac-Man scene that someone put together – an Oregon answer to the San Francisco scene Sherezada blogged about in May?

Love the power pellets and especially Pac-Man’s contrast eye.

You can find this one at the corner of NW 12th and Davis in Portland. It spans two windows for maximum horizontal video-game effect.

Whoever made this one, thanks! Any other Post-It Pac-Men sightings out there? (Or Tetris, or any other pixelated masterpieces?) Please snap a photo and add it to our geekcrafts flickr pool or comment with a link and where you spotted it, we’d love to see more of these.

October 29

London Comic Con – Saturday’s Cardboard heroes!

I saw some great work at London Comic Con today, and if I took your photo you can find it in my Picasa album here.

If I took your picture and you’re not featured here, don’t despair! check back later in the week to see if I mention you on Monday ;-).

This post is dedicated to the cardboard warriors! Those brave souls who slave over an old ikea box with nothing more than an inkjet printer, a glue gun, some paint,  and a rocking sense of humour to create the costume of their dreams:

Yea, that’s what I’m talking about! Think outside the box cosplayers, embrace the cardboard… or embrace the cardboard and step inside the box… meet Rubiks girl:

I just wanted to cuddle this cube-shaped-lady… to dress like something that’s not-at-all the shape of a person takes some work… well done!… here’s another cuboid wonder:

I asked him how easy it was to store a costume like that… he said he’d actually had to chop it in half to fit it in his car and then re-assemble it at the venue that morning… that takes dedication (and perhaps some duct tape).

Want all the pointy edges of a cube, but the maneuverability of a more anthropomorphic character… I got just the thing… try this:

Yup, a God among cardboard men, right?

“but I haven’t bought any furniture recently, the only cardboard box I’ve got is this one from my new kettle… ” – I’ve got the costume for you!

(there were, like, a billion creepers, but this was my favourite minecraft costume :-) )

When you’re ready to move on from cardboard boxes, you can foray into the mysterious world of papier mache and construct something beautiful like this:

He’s an Ice Lord, from 1970’s Pertwee Dr Who … I completely didn’t know that either… but the husbot educated me :-) he got very excited about this costume!..

But these are my favourite cardboard virtuosos from today. Throwing aside all considerations of practicality and the shape of a human being, this pac man duo are awesome on so many levels:

When I asked to take this photo the ‘ghost’ looked at me and asked “red or blue?!”… I was so confused… I just shouted back (we were in a crowd of people, not conducive to great photo-taking) “err, red!” … but of course… the ghost was double sided!

excellent costuming people, well done!

Don’t forget to keep checking back for more of my favourite costumes from the Con!

Were YOU at the Con too? you can use the Submit a Geekcraft link to show us your costume!

August 11

Pac-Man Cufflinks

Pac-Man CufflinksI have made no secret of my love of video games, but did you know that I am also quite a classy fellow.  Like any gentleman with refined tastes, I love cufflinks.  They are an important part of any classy gentleman’s wardrobe.

These Pac-Man cufflinks would go best with a glass of expensive champagne and some polite dinner conversation.  Etsian CsCharms has crafted them perfectly out of enamel and silver plated brass, as it was done in the Victorian era.

Go see the cufflinks!

Visit CsCharms on Etsy!

More Pac-Man on Geekcrafts!

July 13

Geek Fabric Tins

My friend Amanda Perl (who I met at my World of Geekcraft signing at Powell’s, when she made a rad comics magnet) gave her husband Steve a super cute set of handmade geek tins for his birthday recently. She picked up tins at SCRAP and covered them with video game prints from Cool Cottons (both stores are here in Portland, come visit us). I love how simple and cool they are. I’ve been holding out on that Pac-Man fabric but I think I need to snap some up!