June 1

Home Decor: Maleficent Dragon Trophy

Paper Mache Maleficent dragon trophy by Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder

In honor of the “Maleficent” movie premiere this past weekend, I wanted to share an amazing project by Dan “the Monster Man” Reeder: Maleficent Dragon Trophy. It was a custom commission project which he sold for $2000.

Dan used paper mache to recreate the head of the Maleficent dragon head, and mounted it like a wall trophy – clever idea and goregous reproduction! Impressive attention to detail with glass eyes and LED lights to make it extra ominous.

Have you seen the new Maleficent movie yet?

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August 15

Steampunk Cereal Box Hat

This is absolutely brilliant! It looks like real wood, doesn’t it? Can you believe mieljolie made this out of cereal boxes? She made this for the “Day of Wrong” at her Renaissance Fair, since she decided to go with a Steampunk theme. She covered the cereal box (the brim is one piece-family sized Frosted Flakes) in paper mache and tissue paper, the painted it. The long scarf was inspired by the TV show Deadwood. mieljolie said if she makes another one, she’ll try to make it open at the hinges. I can’t wait to try something like this myself!

February 24

Mardi Gras Masks!

Mardi Gras is tomorrow, and who doesn’t love Mardi Gras? It’s Halloween for grown ups! A holiday to celebrate partying! You can’t go out for Mardi Gras with out three key ingredients 1)A willingness to have fun 2) A bunch of fun beads and, most importantly, 3)Your Mardi Gras Mask (what happens on Bourbon Street may stay there, but the local bar doesn’t always follow the same rules!).

About.com:How To has a great article by Lorain Blanken with step by step instructions on how to make several different types of eye-catching. face hiding, Mardi Gras Masks perfect for wearing while you are up to your most wild debauchery!