August 16

Boldly Going Where No Socks Have Gone Before

Picard socks by Linda Jo Park

Linda Jo Park, of BeadKnitter Patterns, has created some out-of-this-world socks in honor of Captain Picard from Star Trek. You can find her pattern here.

She also suggests that the pattern could be easily adapted to reference other characters:

There’s no reason why a person couldn’t do them in Captain Kirk gold, Spock blue (you get two choices there), or even Deanna Trois lavender. Or perhaps you’d rather have Gorn green.

What color combo would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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June 14

For Captain Picard Day, a Star Trek mug cozy. Hot.

Star Trek mug cozy by Katie Smith

Did you know that June 16th is recognized by Star Trek fans as Captain Picard Day? According to Memory Alpha:

Captain Picard Day was an annual event held aboard the USS Enterprise-D for the ship’s schoolchildren. Activities included a contest, judged by Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, in which the children created paintings and models of the captain. Picard was himself not very fond of the event, as he generally did not respond well to children.

To honor Captain Picard’s favorite beverage, here is an easy mug cozy for you to whip together to enjoy a cup of tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Katie over at Punk Projects has all the how-to details waiting for you in the Ready Room. You still have time to make one before Tuesday.

How do you plan to celebrate Captain Picard Day?

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December 3

Picard garland

So, are you like everyone else in the United States,  jamming up the halls of your local Micheal’s in search of holiday craft items this weekend? Are you stretched to the max between cookie baking, merry making, gift shopping and card swapping?

Via Twitter comes this lovely, simple idea from @janineveazue about how to get your geek craft on when you just can’t fit one.more.dang.thing into your schedule.

As tweeteth  @janineveazue “You were once a pile of smirking Picards, but now you are a festive holiday garland! ”

Take that, Captain Kirk fans.

January 4

Bake It So.

Awesome. Redditor Tomaka made her friend this brilliant Captain Picard “Bake it so” apron. She’s not selling them, unfortunately (despite the pleas of similarly geek-minded Redditors), as she rather understandably doesn’t want to risk being sued. However, if you’re into screenprinting, you could easily whip up a similar design for yourself. Incidentally, this is now going to be my new catchphrase next time I bake a pie. (Yeah, I might be talking to myself, but the important thing is that I keep myself entertained, right?)

February 4

Star Trek Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch

Star Trek Serenity PrayerWe’ve all had those days. You spill your full latte all over your new shirt. You miss your bus, and you’re late for work. Or maybe a race of cyber-zombies has taken over your planet.

It’s moments like that in which we seek a little inspiration…and this pimpin’ Locutus of Borg Serenity Prayer is there to remind us that indeed, resistance is futile.

This one-of-a-kind, Star Trek-inspired cross stitch was made by Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick, the wife-and-husband team behind Steotch.

Infusing classic New England needlework with pop and hip-hop culture references, Steotch is also responsible for such beauties as Bless This House and a Star Wars inspired version of the Serenity Prayer.

For you cross-stitchers, patterns are now being offered in their Etsy store, so you can make your own snarky Steotch creation.

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