March 31

Sherlock’s Cameo Appearance

Sherlock's Cameo AppearanceWe’re back visiting those unemployed Death Eaters at Death Eaters Delights again today because Qui has created the most amazing cameos.  It’s elementary that any Sherlock fan would love to wear one of these handcrafted Sherlock cameos when they’re out deducing the best way to enjoy the evening.  Measuring just under two inches, the brooch is dimensional and made of hard resin.

Cameos may be purchased with or without pin backing or as a cameo ribbon choker.

Qui also has plans in the works for creating a Doctor Watson cameo as well.


April 2

Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Pin

Assassin's Creed 2 PinIt’s funny to think of what a beautifully rendered game like Assassin’s Creed 2 would have looked like if it had been made back in the 8-bit days.

Well, Sarah Clayton has eliminated some of the guess work by creating this nifty 8-bit Ezio pin out of Perler beads, which is available through her Etsy shop, Geeky Gamer.

I can just imagine this little pixelated assassin navigating his way across levels of blocky platforms and shanking little square Templars in the back, all in time to a tinny electonic soundtrack.

March 22

Arcade Game Brooches

Arcade Pin“You call that a video game? Back in my day, we didn’t have swanky consoles to play games on. No sir! We had to go to a special place called an arcade. And we didn’t have no fancy things like ‘save points.’ You had three lives, and when they were gone, you had to start over! And did I ever tell you about the time I beat Ms. Pac-Man? It was the night of October 2, 1984…”

Does this sound a bit like you? Then perhaps you should pick up one of MafiosaGrrl’s sweet arcade machine brooches. They’re custom-made from felt, so you can model yours after your favorite retro arcade game.

Pin one to your jacket, and wait for the compliments…or the questions from young’uns who have no idea what the heck you’re wearing.

[Via Sew Lovely Embroidery]