March 11

Super Meatboy plushie

So this adorable Meatboy plushie was submitted and I was torn.

On the one hand, I’m a vegetarian, can I endorse this plushie?

On the other hand, I love love love and want to support independant game makers…can I not endorse this plushie?

Well, you saw those three loves in there. That tells you what you need to know about which side won. And I suppose he’s more than meat. He’s a boy. And he’s super.

Super meatboy plushieIf you love video games and you have not yet seen Indie Game: The Movie, it is available on Netflix streaming and I highly recommend it. You’ll get a great look at the behind the scenes love and care that went into the creation of Super Meatboy and your heart….oh my goodness your heart….it will be so warmed.

The plushie proper comes to us via MelloReflections.

P.S. Just a quick plug for a personal project! I’ve got a book pitch in as a finalist for pitchapalooza, the “American Idol” for book pitches. There is a “fan favorite” aspect to the contest and I’m in there (look for Marjee!) for a novel I’m working on called Nightmares of Neverwas.  It’s a book about nightmares and elite demon professors and all sorts of good stuff. If that is your bag, consider voting for me. If it isn’t, give an upvote to one of the other, budding, talented writers over there!

December 16

ROUNDUP: Big Bang Theory Crafts

We’ve been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory episodes lately, so I thought a roundup of Big Bang crafts might be fun. The Internets did not disappoint me.

Big Bang Theory amigurumi crochet plushies

Craftyclogs posted this great amigurumi crochet set of Big Bang Theory characters at Craftster – complete with patterns!

Big Bang Theory cross-stitch

Doaflip posted this understated Big Bang Theory cross-stitch project on Craftster – an ode to Sheldon‘s Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock decision-making technique.

Big Bang Theory embroidered Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock flowchart

Another crazy-detailed needlework project – a flowchart of how Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock works. The crafter, mindboggld, took various pictures from the internet and imported them into Visio to create the chart. Clever girl, and extra geek points for using Visio! I would love to just get a poster print of this for my son! Click on the image above for close-ups!

Big Bang Theory Tile Coasters

Also from mindboggld, a set of Big Bang Theory tile coasters, with 3D molecule renderings she found at I love that it includes Lactose, since Leonard is lactose-intolerant. These were included in a swap with the above embroidery! I can’t believe she gave them away! Clever AND strong, that one!

Big Bang Theory plushies

A fun & cozy set of Big Bang Theory character plushies by cubosabio on Deviantart. As one of the project commentors said, “these rock more than Care Bears.”

Big Bang Theory Hako Clones

I hadn’t heard the term “hako clones” before seeing this Big Bang Theory paper toys project – I guess I always referred to them in my head as “paper cube heads”. Perhaps hako clones has more (ba)zing(a) to it. Bonus: the artist ditch-scrawls posted the templates in his papercraft gallery. Be sure to link over there, because he has lots of other geeky hako templates, like Luke Skywalker, Superman, Army of Darkness Ash, Highlander, & Dr. Who.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga earrings

While neither my son nor I are particularly crazy about Sheldon’s catch-phrase, I do like the simplicity of these “Bazinga” earrings by Just Duckie Designs on Etsy.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon clock

I’ve seen these photo clocks at Hobby Lobby & Archivers, but never would have thought of putting TV stills in the spaces, like this Sheldon clock by P.S. Francis. You could also intersperse pictures with character quotes. Might be kind of fun to have different clocks in each room, each highlighting a different show or movie. A Firefly clock, anyone?

So, all you BBT fans out there – what are some of your favorite quotes?

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November 18

Friday Roundup: Minecraft!

Today is the day.  I can hardly believe that Minecraft is not a full game yet, but it’s true.  Today Mojang AB, the creators of Minecraft, will be releasing the official Minecraft 1.0 version live at MineCon in Las Vegas.  I wish I could be there.  However, since I can’t be there, lets look at some truly awesome Minecraft inspired crafts.

To start things off, take a look at this Creeper Purse by Blindmoon on Etsy.  Now you can look stylish and still send everyone around you into PTSD induced seizures.

Creeper Purse


Or how about this absolutely adorable Minecraft Chicken made out of Fimo Clay.  StarPhoenixx from Etsy makes tons of cute clay figurines but this chicken made me squeak.

Clay Minecraft Chicken Mob


The cake doesn’t have to be a lie with this Plush Minecraft Cake by EeeBeeDee on Etsy.

Minecraft Cake Plush


We all know how much I love coffee cozies.  I can’t get enough of the things, yet strangely I don’t use them on my actual coffee.  Either way, you have to love this Creeper Coffee Cozy by LilacsLovables on Etsy.  She calls it a “Mug Cozy” but I don’t think you can even USE mugs for anything other than coffee…right?

Creeper Coffee Cozy


How are you supposed to dig around in your mines without the proper tools?  Well, diamonds are expensive, so how about these Perler Bead Diamond Magnets by GumballNinja on Etsy?

Perler Bead Diamond Toolset


Have you ever looked at your tissue paper dispenser and thought to yourself, “What am I doing with my life?”.  Me too.  You can solve that problem by pimping out your dispenser with a cool Minecraft Grass Cube Tissue Box Cover!  But where could you get one?  How about from sockmonkeyfun on Etsy?

Grass Cube Tissue Cover


I bet that, like me, you don’t have any friends.  What?  You do have friends…can you share?  No….right then.  Well, since you have SO MANY FRIENDS, I suppose you must collect them.  Why not add one more to the list, you friend hog.  This Minecraft Pet Wolf Statue, by DandelionBlow on Etsy, won’t ever pick you last for dodge ball…again.

Minecraft Pet Wolf Statue


Since you  have so many friends, why don’t you marry one?  All you need is a diamond ring like this Minecraft Inspired “Diamond” Ring by tinybackpack on Etsy.

Minecraft "Diamond" Ring


Alright.  As usual, I have saved the best for last.  This Minecraft Plush Pig is Adorable.  I love it.  I want to own it.  ClosetMonsterstoys on Etsy make all kinds of awesome pop culture plushies, but this pig is just too awesome for words.

Minecraft Plush Pig


That’s it for this week.  I’m off to patiently refresh the Minecraft page until the full version is released.

May 20

Geek Crafts at Maker Faire!

If you are in the Bay Area (or can get there this weekend), don’t miss the magnificent Maker Faire! There is way too much going on to try to list here, but check out their list of makers and weekend schedule for tons of details. Here are a couple of things I’m most excited about…

Friend of geekcrafts Bonnie Burton is teaching a rad craft demo: make a paper-bag puppet of Admiral Akbar from her new Star Wars Craft Book. I went to her Yoda doll demo at Maker Faire a couple of years ago and it was amazing!

Meanwhile, Particle Zoo will have her excellent subatomic particle plushies for sale in the Bazaar Bizarre section. Her motto: It has to be scientifically accurate, and it has to be cute. (Thanks Rachel!)