February 27


How cute are these glittery little Pikachu ballet flats? So cute? Tremendously cute? Catherine Gretschel will make-to-order your size, and you’ll find a variety of geeky themes available in her Etsy shop. The shoes are coated with several layers of resin to keep you from leaving a trail of glitter as you shuffle through your day.

P.S. I didn’t realize this until about two years ago when I was doing research for a video game I was designing about ecology, but pikas are actual, cute little rodents that live in the mountains. I really thought the word “pika” was an adorable Pokemon made-up-word.  Go tell everyone ^.^

January 31

Pokeball Duct Tape Flower

Pokeball Duct Tape FlowerWhen I saw this, I did a double take.  I was browsing through Etsy when I saw this Pokeball Duct Tape Flower by DuctTapeRose.  I have always been a fan of Duct Tape creations, from my own clumsy attempts at making duct tape wallets to other peoples much better attempts.

If you have the same love of Duct Tape as me, I know you are amazed at the level of detail here, but you haven’t seen anything yet.  Visit DuctTapeRose on Etsy to see some duct tape creations that will absolutely blow your mind.

I think I’m in love.

Check out the Pokeball Flower!

Visit DuctTapeRose on Etsy!

More Pokemon on Geekcrafts!

December 24

I choose you, Bulbasaur!

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen pixelated Spock quilts and then it morphed into Mario afghans. Now, SoreLoser has taken it one step further. WOW!, her afghan is amazing!

SoreLoser has created Bulbasaur in large crochet form! Being a relative newcomer to crochet, the amount of individual little squares needed to create this piece boggles my mind. I give her an A++ for Vision AND Perseverance!

Bulbasar Free form Crochet Afghan


December 15

Wednesday Wolf’s Wonderful Watercolors

These paintings by Wednesday Wolf are amazing—dark and evocative and deceptively simple. They also really run the gamut of geekery, encompassing everything from Sackboy, the Ninja Turtles’ Michaelangelo, and Gir to Powerpuff Girls villain Him, Voldemort, and even Trogdor. And I’ve never seen such a menacing Pokedex or such a tragic depiction of Dr. Horrible. It’s hard to choose, but I think my personal favorite is the Alot. (You know the story of the Alot, right?)

I’m running out of wall space, but I may need one or more of these prints.

December 9

Crochet Geek

Hello Folks!

Today I would like to introduce you to the work of Jennifer Alberghini

She runs the GundamGirlWing Blog showcasing her crochet work and providing patterns so you can have a go yourself.

Well ‘what is geeky about that?’ I hear you ask. Well I will tell you.


She makes some amazing Pokemon and Digimon characters.

Personaly I love this Quilava and the Venusuar is incredible.

I seriously recommend you check her out even if yo don’t crochet.


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    November 1

    Tutorial Tuesday: Typhlosion Hat

    Halloween may be over but there are some costume ideas that you might be tempted to wear all year round.

    A full blown pokemon costume might be hard to pull off when you’re rocking down your local high street, but a Typhlosion Hat will make you the envy of every gym master from Pallett Town to Veridian City.

    Hop over to ClearKid‘s deviantart for the tutorial!