March 24

Let the Games Begin…

Let the Games Begin... And with the opening of the new Hunger Games movie, based on the book, of the same name, they have. I may be one of the few people left who have not read the books yet but I recognize the symbols from it after all the publicity surrounding it.

I also recognize hand crafting talent and these pieces definitely fall in that category. A stenciled shirt and polymer pins bearing the Mockingjay symbol hat people have come to know from this series. The work of Miss K, daughter of PJCrafty, her mother who is very talented as well, the pins and shirt are just a few of the fandom items she has created in the past couple of years.

I do believe, the odds will always be in her favor with this kind of crafty talent.

March 10

WHO likes Steampunk?

Steampunk owl

Slowly but surely, I can feel myself being drawn into all things steampunk, the literature, costuming and now adorable mechowls!

This little guy reminds me of Bubo from the original Clash of the Titans. Monsterkookies has managed to create an amazing owl that looks for all the World like it’s make completely of metal bits but he’s actually polymer clay! This just blows my mind.

January 3

Chewing Your Ear Off

Chewing Your Ear OffMaybe your boss is a real nag; maybe you like it when your other half nibbles on your earlobe, but I absolutely guarantee that neither of them have anything on these Piranha Plant earrings – they’ll really bite your ear off.

The carnivorous baddie has gotta be one of the most recognisable gamer-geek icons, having been in use since Super Mario Bros first hit the shops in 1985, so the earrings have a cool retro sort of vibe, announcing to the world your NES roots.

I’m always impressed by anyone who can sculpt, especially on such a teeny tiny scale, and these little monsters are so well made that you’d never guess they were hand crafted from polymer clay.

Creator Liz is obviously a real Nintendo gal, her Etsy shop LizGlizz is packed with Mario, Pokémon & Zelda paraphernalia and well worth checking out. Her shop is pretty low on stock at the moment, following the Christmas rush, but she’s crafting as I type, so I suggest you get bookmarking to be first in line once they’re back in store.

Youch! Piranha Plant Earrings

LizGlizz Etsy Store

December 5

Left 4 Dead Health Pack earrings


I like to think of myself as a helpful person.  I bring a net positive to most situations.

Left4Dead Healthpacks

There is a specific circumstance during which, I have found, I am downright useless:

Zombie Apocalypses
Gentle reader, should there be a zombie apocalypse, you do not want me anywhere near you. I’ll be worthless.

I will stumble around with my pistols, clumsily shooting at your butt, and thrash about in Boomer Bile. And if you get hurt, oh goodness, if  you were to get hurt, I will have already used up my healthpack. By accident. When I was trying to equip a flashlight.
That is what brings us here, kids. I am loving these ‘lil Left 4 Dead polymer clay earrings. Hand sculpted, painted, and glazed, the earrings are mounted on pure silver fish-hooks. They are small and light-weight as well, so you can wear them comfortably. More importantly, you can wear them and dream that you are the kind of person that always has a spare healthpack with them and they’ll stay on, even if you’re carrying a flashlight. Everyone’s butts are safe!

Apocalypse, interrupted. You are a hero, Kristina Tuck.

There is a lot more video game inspired jewelry where these guys came from, so be sure to check out Ms. Tuck’s Etsy page.

September 7

Dr. Spudberg

Tomorrow is the season finale of Futurama *sniff* So to get us through this dark time, I bring you Dr. Spudberg! This Mr. Potato-head mod was created by mrtruffle (Ashley Ringrose) based on Dr. Zoidberg, his favorite character. I love his claws and that he’s smiling (with teeth! He has teeth in the pilot). mrtruffle said that Bender was his other favorite character, so let’s hope he does him in Potato form next!

August 20

Totoro Mushroom Earrings

Totoro Mushroom EarringsHow better to wrap up Totoro week here on Geekcrafts than with these adorable Totoro Mushroom Earrings.  Now you can wear your Totoro pride everywhere you go, and every week can be Totoro week.

Mulanjade from Etsy hand crafts these cute little earrings from polymer clay, and you have to admit that they are fantastic.

Check out the earrings!

Visit mulanjade on Etsy!

Totoro week is over, but it isn’t over in our hearts.  Check out more awesome Totoro stuff on Geekcrafts!