July 31

I Hearth You Friendship Necklaces

I Hearth You Friendship NecklacesYou know those friendship necklaces?  The ones where one side says “Best” and the other side says “Friends”, and you can wear one while your friend wears the other?  I always thought the person who got “Best” got the better end of the deal, because they were the best.

Finally there is a perfect way to show the night elf in your life how much you care, with these I Hearth You friendship necklaces.  You will be the coolest friends in Azeroth thanks to Stephanie Williams of rainbowdarknesss on Etsy.  Her shop has all kinds of cool, geeky, awesome stuff made from polymer clay and more.

Check out the necklaces!

Visit rainbowdarknesss on Etsy!

More World of Warcraft on Geekcrafts!

June 21

Tutorial Tuesday: Polymer Clay Superman Keyring

I know we’ve HAD father’s day already (and if you’re a father, grandfather, godfather, father-to-be, stepfather or any other variation on the theme I hope you had a lovely Sunday) but if you’re not gift-giving until next week, or if you want to make next year’s fathers day gift WELL ahead of time, I’ve got a tutorial for you.

Craftster user and youtuber MeiIris made her Dad an adorable polymer clay Superman keyring/key-chain, and her video tutorial is just downright sparkly and beautiful.

June 14

Tutorial Tuesday! Rocket Knuckle Duster Ring!

I dunno, there’s something about this Rocket Knuckle Duster Ring that makes me feel all warm and childish. Maybe it’s the cartoon-outlines, the playful shade of red, or just the fact that it’s a goddam ROCKET!! … I just can’t put my finger on it, but I know I LOVE it!

Creator, blogger, and Craftster user made this sculpey creation for a co-worker, and kindly posted a step-by-step-tutorial over on his blog! Thanks Purkey, you rock!

I only ever work in fabric, but this tutorial is so clear and well explained I really think I might try this for myself… who wouldn’t want MASSIVE rocket jewellery?

May 12

READER SUBMISSION: Invincibility Star Earrings

Nintendo-earringsRossana from Roka Cola sent me a link to their shop, and it was like being a kid in a candy store! I mean, it really was, because in addition to these super cool Invincibility Star Earrings, and other great Nintendo, WoW, Portal, Star Trek and zombie stuff made from polymer clay, they also have a lot of fun jewelry made to look like candy, cupcakes, and all manner of delicious things. The Roka Cola Shop it definitely worth checking it out, it is a gold mine of geeky, sweet, and all around awesome polymer clay jewelry and figurines.

March 29

“I Heart Brains” Best Friends Necklace

I heart brains BFF necklaceThis “I heart brains” best friends necklace set is the perfect thing for horror-loving BFFs.

Hand-made out of polymer clay by Sarah, these and other creepy-cool organ-influenced accessories are available at her Etsy store Beat Black.

Give one to the friend you trust not to eat your brains when the zombie apocalypse hits!