January 21

One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor

One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor One must start at the beginning with The Hobbit.  Which is what Jennifer Ofenstein has done with Fandom in Stitches latest long-term project, There and Back Again.

Announced in August, it officially began with the first block’s pattern, Gandalf,  designed by Schenley Pilgram and posted on October 5, 2011 and subsequent patterns were and continue to be posted on the first Wednesday of each of the following 12 months. Also pictures is The Road designed by Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir.

Haven’t started yet? Not a problem, each month, the links are there to previous patterns released for you to access and download to work on at your leisure. The project is a collaborative effort between four Fandom in Stitches designers, Michelle Thompson, Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir, Schenley Pilgram, and Jennifer Ofenstein.One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor

Never done paper piecing before? Still not a problem as Jennifer has some wonderful tutorials to help you learn. So come along on a Hobbit’s quilted journey to there and back again!

One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor

January 10

Tutorial Tuesday: Mario and Sonic Quilt

It hurts me a little inside (or should I say, I get a little smaller, and lose my rings!) to see these two guys side by side. I love them both so much but it just reminds me that there won’t be any new SEGA consoles anytime soon… and that reminds me of the Dreamcast (swoon) … and that reminds me of Shenmue… I digress…

Instructables member SheWhoMustNotBeNamed has the perfect solution to my discontinued-game-console woes, with a fantastic Mario and Sonic quilt tutorial.

I could wrap myself up in it while I play my old Master System games…. doesn’t look the same on a 32″ TV *sniff*……………

January 9

Gir Quilt

Hiya geeks!

Quick post from me today as my keyboard is typing Gobble De Gook so I am having to use the on-screen keyboard so it is taking aaaages to type anything.

Today I would like to show you this awesome Gir quilt made by lyric889 from Craftster.

This monster of a quilt is 40 inches wide by 54 inches long; using a staggering 1,344 squares. That is one big quilt!

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    August 13

    Link Crib Quilt

    Link Crib QuiltI think I must have babies on the brain.  Even if you do have the fastest baby in the world, eventually the little tyke has to go to sleep.  When they do, why not cover them up in this fantastic Link crib quilt by Etsian GeekUnique?

    Not only do they make awesome geeky crafts of all sorts, but their last name is very close to mine, so you know it’s legit.

    Check out the quilt!

    Visit GeekUnique on Etsy!

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