August 8

Reader Submission: Megaman Quilt

We love Megaman… and when I say ‘We’ I mean ‘I’

Quilter Cindy Jo shares just how easy it is to make highly effective quilt pixel art:

“I just had to share the quilt I made for my son for Christmas. He really likes the Megaman games so I went online and found a simple drawing of his and then used Paint Shop Pro to make him looked pixelated. I then just made a square of different colored cloth for each pixel.”

Thanks Cindy Jo!

June 6

Slime Mold Quilt

You know you’re a geek when you say something like: “I’d love it if some one made me a microbe quilt”. That’s exactly what waggonswest‘s Mini Art Quilt Swap 4 partner said, and this is the result! It’s not very often you get to say how pretty mold is. The quilt is based on a picture from the Scientific American webpage. Waggonswest painted, fused, embroidered, and beaded this quilt, making it an epic work of art.

May 25

Fascinating Quilt

I love quilting, but I tend to stick to more traditional patterns. But maybe it’s time to change that! Funthreads made this Spock quilt for the Spring 2011 online Blogger’s Quilt Festival?. It was intentionally made so the image is difficult to see up close. But step back and there’s Mr. Spock! Funthreads said she usually gives away or donates her quilts, but this one she made with her husband in mind. Nothing says “I love you” quite like Star Trek. She started with a pumpkin carving template, and designed the whole thing from there. It’s 58 x 82 inches, so I can only imagine how long this took. But it was obviously worth all the effort. She details the whole process on her blog and it’s…fascinating (Sorry! I couldn’t help myself!) Good luck with the festival!