March 1

Geeky Confection Box Makeovers

Geeky cupcake box makeover by Lisa Kay Tate

Got a party occasion coming up, and looking for a geeky party favor or decorations? Lisa Kay Tate of Minion Feeding 101, and contributor to Geek Mom, has ya covered!

She offers a geek-tastic round-up of five ways you can put your crafting superpowers to use, spanning a variety of fandoms. Using plain cupcake or bonbon boxes you can find in the baking section of most major craft stores, she gave them each a makeover to depict the Tesseract Infinity Stone, Shakri cubes (which she calls Countdown Cubes) from Doctor Who, Minecraft Creepers, Rubik’s Cubes, and Portal Companion Cubes. Her post includes printables downloads and links to templates, so be sure to check it out!

How have you used your crafting superpowers to create geeky party favors or decorations? Please share with a comment below!

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March 1

Friday Round-up: Rubik’s Cube Madness!

I am a collector of hobbies and lately I have gotten back into the Rubik’s Cube.  The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian sculptor and professor named Erno Rubik.  He was awesome.  He didn’t even realize he had made a puzzle until the first time he scrambled it and tried to get it back together.  It took him like 6 months, now the world record is 5.66 seconds.  My best time is somewhere just shy of 2 minutes, but I am getting better.  Enough about me, you are here for crafts so here we go!

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

This Rubik’s Cube tissue box by HandyHomeGrown on Etsy is made out of wood, making it far superior to a lot of the other Rubik’s Cube tissue boxes you can find out there because it probably smells pretty rustic.

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June 3

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box CoverThe Rubik’s Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ern? Rubik.  It has delighted millions of people for probably like a billion years.  OK, it has fascinated thousands of people for maybe around 100 years.  OK.  Fine!  Geeks have had one on their bookshelf or desk, and for the most part been unable to solve them, and they have only been around since 1974.

Now you can show your geek pride, and stop correcting me so much, with this awesome Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover by HeSewMadeThat on Etsy.

October 29

London Comic Con – Saturday’s Cardboard heroes!

I saw some great work at London Comic Con today, and if I took your photo you can find it in my Picasa album here.

If I took your picture and you’re not featured here, don’t despair! check back later in the week to see if I mention you on Monday ;-).

This post is dedicated to the cardboard warriors! Those brave souls who slave over an old ikea box with nothing more than an inkjet printer, a glue gun, some paint,  and a rocking sense of humour to create the costume of their dreams:

Yea, that’s what I’m talking about! Think outside the box cosplayers, embrace the cardboard… or embrace the cardboard and step inside the box… meet Rubiks girl:

I just wanted to cuddle this cube-shaped-lady… to dress like something that’s not-at-all the shape of a person takes some work… well done!… here’s another cuboid wonder:

I asked him how easy it was to store a costume like that… he said he’d actually had to chop it in half to fit it in his car and then re-assemble it at the venue that morning… that takes dedication (and perhaps some duct tape).

Want all the pointy edges of a cube, but the maneuverability of a more anthropomorphic character… I got just the thing… try this:

Yup, a God among cardboard men, right?

“but I haven’t bought any furniture recently, the only cardboard box I’ve got is this one from my new kettle… ” – I’ve got the costume for you!

(there were, like, a billion creepers, but this was my favourite minecraft costume :-) )

When you’re ready to move on from cardboard boxes, you can foray into the mysterious world of papier mache and construct something beautiful like this:

He’s an Ice Lord, from 1970’s Pertwee Dr Who … I completely didn’t know that either… but the husbot educated me :-) he got very excited about this costume!..

But these are my favourite cardboard virtuosos from today. Throwing aside all considerations of practicality and the shape of a human being, this pac man duo are awesome on so many levels:

When I asked to take this photo the ‘ghost’ looked at me and asked “red or blue?!”… I was so confused… I just shouted back (we were in a crowd of people, not conducive to great photo-taking) “err, red!” … but of course… the ghost was double sided!

excellent costuming people, well done!

Don’t forget to keep checking back for more of my favourite costumes from the Con!

Were YOU at the Con too? you can use the Submit a Geekcraft link to show us your costume!

July 26

Tutorial Tuesday: EPIC Rubik’s Cake

[Via Craft:]

DAMN that’s some CAKE!!!

I like baking cake, I find it therapeutic. To the point where if The Husb0t ever comes home to find me baking, the first thing he does (after he does his *yeyy for cake* dance) is ask me what’s wrong… I’d love to think I’d have the patience to bake this bad boy. The utter joy on the faces of the party-goers, cutting open the apparently featureless white exterior, to find the colourful, 80’s, childhood glee inside must be enough to make the painstaking construction worthwhile.

Want to know another brain-meltingly AMAZING fact about this cake, when Vicky from Statsy posted the recipe online, she actually got an e-mail from THE Erno Rubik – yuh-huh – the maker of the cube! – saying that he liked the cake! wow that must’ve been a  real goosebump moment opening THAT e-mail!!

April 23

Reader Submission: Fuzzy Rubik’s Cubes

Hanging-RubiksFuzzy dice are so passé, Care at Obsessively Stitching knows this, so she went for a more avant garde look for her rear view mirror: Fuzzy Rubik’s Cubes! They look great, and definitely have what it takes to push fuzzy dice out of the number one spot for “Most ubiquitous rear view mirror ornamentation”. Check out her blog to find the tutorial, so you can have fun making your own fuzzy Rubik’s Cube crafts!

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