March 16

Q and A with Jewel Staite and a Kaylee craft

Kaylee Frye Shindig dress Cross Stitch

Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee Frye on “Firefly” and “Serenity” was in Kansas City for Planet Comicon this weekend, and a local movie theatre took advantage and showed “Serenity”, followed by a short Q&A with her. As Browncoats, my husband, daughter and I were pleased to attend.

The Q&A was fairly quick but interesting. Here are some highlights:

  • Jewel is apparently an “adventurous” foodie and has a food blog. She said while many in Hollywood “juice”, she does not: “I don’t juice. I steak.”
  • She has enjoyed all the food she’s had in Kansas City, saying that what she’s eaten has been “top notch”. She specifically mentioned Jack Stack BBQ and Genessee Royale.
  • She loves wine and enjoyed visiting Amigoni Urban Winery. She said if she wasn’t an actor, she’d probably be a winemaker. As much as she enjoys wine, however, she said Adam Baldwin is an even bigger “wine snob” than she is, but that’s ok, because he usually picks up the tab.
  • When she is at cons, she is often too busy to seek anyone out, but tries to make time to find cast members from “Lost“. She is a big “Lostie”; Matthew Fox is one of her TV crushes.
  • She hated wearing the ruffled dress in the episode, “Shindig” – it was just too cumbersome and hard to maneuver.
  • Someone asked if she kept any of the props from the “Firefly” set – she said Nathan Fillion took most of them and has his own “museum.” She also said Adam has the head of the “Hero of Canton” statue from the episode, “Jaynestown.”
  • Her favorite “Firefly” episodes were “Out of Gas” and “Objects in Space.”
  • She said Nathan frequently tried to prank her on set, such as putting lotion on the door handle of her dressing room.
  • She talks and texts with other “Firefly” cast members “all the time”: “I took away eight friendships.”
  • She has two dogs and loves animals.

To make this post geek-crafty, I found you a Kaylee-inspired craft: Kaylee in her Shindig Dress Cross Stitch Pattern (shown above, originally shared on Craftster – click to see other Firefly cross-stitch projects)

If you had attended the Q&A with Jewel, what question would you have asked?

April 16

You Can’t Take The Yarn From Us!!


The evil shadow of Fox has fallen again upon the verse. First they took our show. Now they want our yarn.

In the spirit of things, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite ’Cunning Cap’ inspired crafts… the Cunning Cozy! This cunning little cozy is the perfect place to store (or hide) your lip balm no matter where in the verse you are.

“Not a fan of lip balm? The hat can also be used as a pencil topper or ornament.” ~ Kristin Stevenson

The creator  of the Jayne Hat Lip Balm Cozy is Kristin Stevenson of Tiny Purrs. You may recognize her as the creator of the Ewok scoodie shared on this site earlier in the year.

April 2

Captain Malcolm Reynolds: Man or Mouse?!

Have you ever seen something so cute you’ve actually squealed out loud? Of course you have; you’re a Geek Crafts reader. But seriously, I’ve just had the biggest cute-fest in weeks browsing through Quernus Crafts’ photostream over on Flickr, after seeing this incredibly wonderful mini sculpture:

Captain Mal Reynolds Mouse

It’s Mal Reynolds! From Firefly! But he’s a mouse!

I was a HUGE fan of Firefly (why, Fox, whyyy?) so was instantly drawn to this precious piece of polymer clay. But then I looked through some of the other things that Kirsten has made and found there was a goldmine of beautifully crafted figurines, and something for any type of geek. Harry Potter geeks, Terry Pratchett geeks, Comic Book geeks, Torchwood geeks, Hobbit geeks, Manga geeks, Dr Who geeks, Science geeks, Star Wars geeks, or just a geek who likes cute things.

Check out the Quernus Crafts website too, where you can shop or even commission your own Quernus creation. I am now deleting all my Quernus bookmarks though, because I’m scared I’ll just go and buy everything.

February 24

All hail Jayne!

Jayne Cobb peg doll

Since February 27th is the birthday of Adam Baldwin, or “the man they call Jayne”, I thought it might be fun to do a round-up of Jayne Cobb related crafts.

Above is a little wooden peg doll I created for my work cubicle – complete with mini crocheted hat and Blue Sun shirt.

I’ve also previously shared my version of the Jayne Cobb hat and a scarf I worked up, and a version of Jayne’s grenade.

Etsy, of course, does not disappoint with Jayne-related projects. Each image is clickable to the Etsy shop of origin.

Jayne Cobb poster - Keep Calm & Carry Vera


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