January 12

The Socks That Should Not Be

Alligatorjuice made this Cthulhu sock monkey as a Christmas present for her friend Maria. It began as a drawing Maria made for her at work: “she does all sorts of spiffy doodles. one day, she doodled a cthuloid sock monkey, and left it on my register. when i went to cash out a customer, i saw it. i then had to explain to the customer why i simultaneously laughed, choked and turned funny colors…”. It’s amazing how this manages to be cute and a little creepy at the same time I think it’s the eyes).

Alligatorjuice expected the heels to change color after she dyed the socks green, but I’m glad they stayed red. They match the eyes, and adds to the whole evil vibe.

March 24

Flight of the Conchords Sock Monkey

Flight of the Conchords Sock Monkey

Okay, so I haven’t watched Flight of the Conchords yet (sadly, we don’t have any pay channels), but it’s on my Netflix list and I know all you geeks enjoy this show. Croqzine.com made this hilariously geeky sock monkey of Jemaine Clement, yet another craft that I must hide from my monkey-loving kid. Anyone else have a geek-themed sock monkey?