February 15

Mario Mushroom Cushion

There are lots of Mario Mushroom pillows out there. Fleece plush ones, quilted ones, and of course, my favourite, Tunisian crochet ones. DeviantArt user AKRY has shared their knitted Mario Mushroom fan art cushion. This little pillow makes me think of all the little pillows I could make and place around my house strategically. Okay, I just want to be able to throw a green one at my hubby and then tell him “1UP!” I just won’t make any purple ones to get thrown back at me. If you lack the time or skills (or pattern) to make your own fan art pillows stop by knittedlove’s Etsy and buy the perfect cushion for your Beaded Mushroom Pin!

February 8

Vampire Rag Dolls

Craftster artist vampyreragdolls is from Portugal and makes these incredible vampyre rag dolls! They come in all shapes and sizes and you can browse through more pictures on their blog. I love the little coffin boxes that they are packed in. Do these classic type Vampires get anyone else in the Valentines Day spirit?

February 4

Unicorn Roundup

The amazing Team Unicorn proclaims: “Geek Girls: Like unicorns, we’re not supposed to exist!” In honor of their awesomeness, this Roundup is featuring the best Unicorn Crafts around the web. Buy or craft some Unicorn gear for yourself, or treat your favourite geeky lady to some Unicorn gifts.  Once you’re done here, check out their video for more proof of how Team Unicorn Rocks!


10.  Unicorn Bookmark

The perfect way to hold your place in your favorite book.  It is simple and elegant, but the colorful jewels lead to the little unicorn trinket.  A discrete way to boast geek girl pride.

9.  Unicorn Clay Necklace

Hang your Unicorn pride around your neck with this clay necklace.  This delicate piece captures the grace of the mythical beast, and the sparkling eye will capture attention.

8.  Embroidered Unicorn

This adorable unicorn is embroidered in bold colors on a heart fabric background.  This little guy has some major personality with his spiky hair, flaring nostrils, and flower collar.

7.  Luna the Unicorn Amigurumi

Everyone could use a cuddle Unicorn.  This pattern for Luna will help you make a Unicorn army to take over the world with… or at least to snuggle with.  Make one for every geeky girl you know and spread the Unicorn word.

6.  Valentine Unicorn

This little Valentine Unicorn was sculpted from Polymer Clay.  Her big eyes and swirly pink hair might be a cuteness overload for some, but shouldn’t everyone make an exception for cuteness on Valentines day?

5.  Where Rainbows Come From

We interrupt all of the previous cuteness with a revelation on the origins of rainbows.  This 4×4 print says it all.  Position it above your computer so the Unicorn appears to pour rainbow geekiness into your monitor.

4.  My Other Ride is a Unicorn

This shirt makes me want to visit my mom’s ranch and wear it while horseback riding.  Either that, or wear it while beating my friends in some Mario Cart.

3.  Unicorn Hat

This hat is perfect if you want to tell the world about your Unicorn/Geek status.  However, it might make it a little awkward if your friend is wearing the shirt featured in #4!

2.  Mounted Unicorn

Some people appreciate a good trophy.  This crochet Unicorn’s name is Matthew, and he perhaps got bested by a geek girl who then decided to show him off.  Matthew is sure to make visitors do a double take.

1.  The Last Unicorn

The last in this roundup is an icon for many geek girls.  The Last Unicorn is a book and movie that many grew up loving.  This little plushie made from microplush, faux fur, and faux suede also has a wire skeleton that makes her poseable.  The crafter artist did a great job of bringing to life our favorite Unicorn.

February 3

Year of the Moon Buns

Happy Chinese New Year! In honor of the year of the rabbit I am featuring my favourite amigurumis, the Moon Buns! Moon’s Creation has so many different Moon Buns for any season or reason, and I think all good geeks should show their excitement for the Year of the Rabbit with their favorite Moon Bun. I’m certainly ready for the tumultuous year of the tiger to be done with and the tranquil year of the rabbit to take over – here’s hoping, right?

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February 1

Amigurumi Angry Birds

In December GeekCrafts brought your attention to Angry Birds Plushie by Obsessively Stitching and today we bring you Amigurumi Angry Birds Pig Pattern by The Itsy Bitsy Spider amigurumi-Crochet. But it doesn’t stop there!  She has also made the Angry Birds goldfinch to go along with the pig, and she has an amigurumi pattern for the cardinal available in ravelry. I’m personally tempted to make a bunch, fill them with beans, and set up elaborate constructions with the pigs to knock down with the birds. Sounds like a great party game to me!