June 27

6 1/2 Years for a Super Mario Blanket


This gorgeous crocheted Super Mario blanket is featured in an album on Imgur. Unfortunately, there’s no other information on it, other than it took 6 1/2 years (or 800 hours) to create.

However, as a nerdy crocheter myself (currently working on a red fox scoodie right now), this is what I can tell you about the blanket:
–This was all done in single crochet, which after about 800 hours of work, your dominant hand and elbow are going to be KILLING you. But it is the most basic stitch and with a design like this, it gives the best definition to the design.
–The design was probably a grid based design, just because of all the color changes in it.
–There’s probably, at least, 10 different colors of yarn, and this looks like they are all acrylic worsted weight yarn. This is usually the cheapest yarn out there but it’s also the best to use because it holds up so well with use and washing.

So, kudos to you, nerdy crocheter, wherever you are!

June 5

Crocheted Bowser Sweater

Why not dress your pet turtle up as everyone’s favorite baddie from the Super Mario Bros., Bowser, King of the Koopas!

I just had to do a follow-up post to my Crocheted Turtle Cozies! Jennifer Olivarez created this awesome Bowser costume for her friend’s turtle as part of the Make It! Challenge series on her blog Squirrel Picnic. And, just so we wouldn’t all be jealous, she shares detailed instructions with amazing step-by-step photos. Bowser sweaters for everyone!

Crocheted Bowser Sweater

March 4

Mario Paper Craft

Hi Geek Crafters! I’m writing you from the fair city of Austin today, in town for SxSWEDU. If you are an Austonian and have any recommendations for great vegan places to check out, tweet them at me.

In the mean time, let’s talk about papercraft! Specifically, this magnetic SuperMario papercraft below (do you see the sneaky friend visiting us from a different game, by the way?).Super Mario Paper Craft

If you are more of a Bowser kind of person, there is a papercraft for you as well. Laboratory 424 has step-by-step instructions instructions if you want to try your hand at this project. An important caveat: this project may not be ideal for young–ish children, as the neodymium magnets are intense, and they can seriously pinch little fingers.

July 5

Invincibility Star Amigurumi Plush Toy

Invincibility Star Amigurumi Plush ToyI am always impressed by anyone who can take some yarn and a crochet hook and turn it into something awesome.  In my mind it is cataloged as pure magic, right next to people who can take some flour and water and turn it into something edible.  My feeble attempts to learn this fibre alchemy have ended in disaster, and some half finished scarves.

Etsian Steph Cortes (NerdJerk) has succeeded where I have failed so many times, and has produced some delightful Amigurumi plush toys of some of my favorite video game characters.  I tossed and turned over whether to post the Goomba, the Invincibility Star, or the Bom-OmbIn the end I decided to feature the Bom-Omb because i like things that go all ‘splody.

So I posted the Bom-Omb and then Redd looked at it and was all “I already posted that Bom-Omb“.  Then I was all, “No you didn’t, I totally checked“.  Then she was all, “I’m pretty sure I did.”  Then I was all, “Nuh Uh!”  Anyway, it turns out she was right, but NerdJerk’s work is too fantastic to give up on, so I have worked some internet magic and now bring you the Invincibility Star!

Check out the Invincibility Star!

Visit NerdJerk on Etsy!

More Amigurumi on Geekcrafts!

March 7

Piranha Plant Stamp

Last week my brother showed me a speed run of Lost Levels (8 minutes, 13 seconds, if you can believe it!) and I flinched a lot while watching, mostly because of close calls with piranha plants. Even though they could be really frustrating, I can respect piranha plants…

Which brings me to Etsy seller nerdnook! She sells a variety of rubber stamps for old school gamers, but my favorite is the piranha plant. It’s so simple, yet so recognizable. nerdnook also sells geeky apparel through another shop called Ten Shades of Awesome. Check it out!