June 21

Bust of Christopher Reeve

I don’t remember how I came across this gallery, but the work done by Bobby Causey is just amazing. This bust of Christopher Reeve as Superman (minus the suit, just yet) took my breath away. But then again, I think Christopher Reeve was my first celebrity crush as a little geek girl.

christopher reeve

The detail in the skin complexion (how his skin isn’t all one even color is just amazing to me. His eyes look like he could just blink at any minute. Bobby posted this is a prototype for a 1/3 and 1/1 statue.

Be sure to check out Bobby’s website for more statues and busts. His Heath Ledger “Joker” is truly eerie!

July 6

Superman Symbol Mowed Into Lawn

I would love to do something like this in my yard, but I don’t think my husband would go for it. There’s a fine line of what men will put up with where their yards are concerned, but I love this because it’s simple and geeky.


“Faster than growing grass. More green than a John Deere! Able to creep mall sidewalks in a single ground! This “Superman Lawn” was spotted by redditor, THENATURAL915, as he was walking down his neighborhood street.”

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April 21

Superman Whoopie Pies

Superman Whoopie Pies
I admit that while I can cook and my family rarely starves, I’m not a big one on time-consuming recipes. If it has more than 5 ingredients or steps, I usually skip it. But if I were looking for a little culinary challenge, these Superman Whoopie Pies might be just the incentive I need! I can’t believe how great they turned out!

The tutorial links you to a traditional Whoopie Pie recipe, then walks you through how to pipe in the iconic “S”, and even a custom birthday message.

How about you? Do you love to cook/bake? Have you ever attempted any copycat kind of recipe that mimics a brand or restaurant’s version?

November 4

Killer Candy tutorial

Kryptonite Candy

OK, so this candy isn’t really “killer” – unless you’re Superman. It looks pretty cool, right? I love how it appears to glow, even in normal light.

I also love that the process is also a bit of a science experiment, because you use vitamin B2, which apparently has fluorescent properties.

July 22

Superman Saves the Wedding (cake)

Superman saves Lois from a falling wedding cake

Leave it to Pinterest to offer up a link to some luscious geekery – a unique take on a Superman wedding cake.

Not content to just offer a groom’s cake with a giant “S” emblazoned upon it, this geeky couple asked their baker to create a cake that looked like it was falling apart, with Superman swooping in to save Lois from the falling tier. Apparently the broken cake tier looked so real the DJ at the wedding had to keep announcing the cake was *supposed* to look like that. Well played, cake decorator!

Links of Interest:

February 16

SuperheroCape Tutorial

So, my son’s 4th birthday is coming up in April, and it has been decreed that it shall be a knight birthday party complete with capes for all his friends. The last time I worked up a vague guest list, my kid has 26 friends, which means 26 capes, which probably means I better get busy.    In my quest for cape patterns, I came across this great superhero cape tutorial that I thought I’d share.  It’s done by Puking Pastilles.  It’s super cute, and seems relatively easy.