June 7

Knit a Captain Marvel Sweater

I’m am starting quite the collection of sweaters I want to knit because there keep being awesome patterns that I stumble across. Most recently it was coming across a finished Captain Marvel sweater. Then a little while ago, the knitter put up a chart to help make your very own.

cap_marvel chart


What can I say I’m easy to please. Give me a nice bright nerdy sweater and I’m done for. Look at this sweater.

Captain Marvel Sweater
Captain Marvel Sweater


March 22

Knit Your Own Captain America Sweater

A pattern for a Captain America  Knit  hoodie was recently released byethylated-spirits. Look at your hoodie, now back to this one, your hoodie, this one. Don’t you wish this was your hoodie?

Using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Seamless yolk sweater as a template;  she created this sweater to keep you warm, as you Avenge the world. So what are you waiting for? Snatch up this free pattern and get working.


Are you knitting yet?


November 26

Retro Wonder Woman sweater

wonder woman sweater

If you are a dedicated, talented knitter, this gorgeous retro-ish looking Wonder Woman sweater could be yours. The Craftster page explains how it was charted it out, but that’s about it.

I’m afraid it’s not a stitch by stitch instruction kit, and it’s never going to be – I’m don’t have the skills for that. You’re welcome to share my work, but it really is a recipe, not much of a pattern.

Be sure to check out some of the pictures she’s shared of it. There are some gorgeous details in there. I have yet to take up knitting (crochet yes, knitting, no) but I may have just been inspired.

December 31

12 Best of 2010

Here are my choices for the 12 best geek crafts of 2010:

January – Super Mario Vest by The Happy Seamstress
Super Mario Sweater Vest

February – Minimalist Take on Star Wars by Justin Van Gendern
Minimalist Take on Star Wars

March – Tiny Harry Potter Paintings by JennaDickes
Tiny Harry Potter Paintings

April – Periodic Table of the Elements Table by Abigailscrafts
Periodic Table of the Elements Table

May – Buffy the Vampire Slayer button by ButtonBettie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Button

June – Tardis Schrapnel by Irishdaydreamer
Tardis Schrapnel

July – Crocheted Spock Head by Amy
Crocheted Spock Head

August (we didn’t have anything, so here’s one I like from May) – Origami Dinosaurs by essemde
Origami Dinosaurs

September (we also didn’t have anything, so here’s another one from June) – Mario Mushroom Grill by Greg.Matta
Mario Muchroom Grill

October – Darth Vader Princess Costume by mayamagination
Darth Vader Princess Costume

November – Tardis Star Quilt by Wendy
Tardis Star Quilt

December – Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles by RobinRed
Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles

February 11

Twilight Prom Scene Pen and Ink Drawing

Twilight Prom Scene Pen and Ink Drawing

We’ve only got a few more weeks until Twilight comes out on DVD (and my mom just pre-ordered it for me – w00t!), so I was super excited to see this submission from Geekcrafter Fee Harding. She made this pen and ink drawing of her favorite scene from the movie: Prom. If you’ve seen the movie three times (or more!), like I have, you’ll notice that not only did she get the faces down great, but even tiny details like the flowers on Bella’s sweater. You can buy a print of this drawing (and some other geek-themed drawings) in Fee’s Etsy shop, burntfeather.