January 21

One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor

One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor One must start at the beginning with The Hobbit.  Which is what Jennifer Ofenstein has done with Fandom in Stitches latest long-term project, There and Back Again.

Announced in August, it officially began with the first block’s pattern, Gandalf,  designed by Schenley Pilgram and posted on October 5, 2011 and subsequent patterns were and continue to be posted on the first Wednesday of each of the following 12 months. Also pictures is The Road designed by Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir.

Haven’t started yet? Not a problem, each month, the links are there to previous patterns released for you to access and download to work on at your leisure. The project is a collaborative effort between four Fandom in Stitches designers, Michelle Thompson, Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir, Schenley Pilgram, and Jennifer Ofenstein.One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor

Never done paper piecing before? Still not a problem as Jennifer has some wonderful tutorials to help you learn. So come along on a Hobbit’s quilted journey to there and back again!

One Does not Simply Quilt Mordor

June 3

Elvish ABCs Prints

Elvish ABC PrintsHaving been raised in a bilingual home, I know how helpful it is to introduce a child to both parents’ languages as soon as possible. However, what do you do if your partner is fluent in a fictional language?

Thankfully, Denise Giffin is two steps ahead of the curve. Her charming and educational Elvish ABCs for baby’s nursery will have your little geekling learning that “A” is for “Aras” (deer), “B” is for “Brog” (bear), and “C” is for “Cabor” (frog).

You can buy the set of three at Denise’s Etsy shop, Tie Dye Jedi, which is full of lovely J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired prints.

Now, if only there were resources for those half-Klingon households…

January 28

Lots o’ Lord of the Rings

Hobbits, wizards, elves, and kings.
What’s not to love about
Lord of the Rings? 

Many a crafter has been so inspired,
to knit, sew, or sculpt from this story admired.

But some feel the need to go a bit further,
to celebrate this story with a touch of odd fervor.

So check out these crafts, both geeky and unique,
and I promise I’ll stop rhyming in faux-Tolkien speak.

Eye of Sauron Journal

Sauron Journal

Etsy seller ArtBug offers this one-of-a-kind Eye of Sauron journal, perfect for scribbling down all your evil plans. What I love about this most of all is that the eye friggin’ LIGHTS UP.

Hobbit Feet Baby Booties

Hobbit Feet baby booties

I’ve seen various incarnations of these crazy hobbit-feet slippers, but none so cute as these wee baby booties. Knit some up for your own little hobbit with this free pattern offered by Penwiper. Grown-ups can also get in on the hairy foot action with this Hobbit foot pattern from The Unique Sheep.

Door of Durin Beaded Necklace

Door of Durin beaded necklace

It took Etsy seller Whitestar Jewelry 15 hours to hand-bead this striking Door of Durin necklace.  What impresses me more is the story behind the store, as the maker uses beadwork as a way to soothe her bipolar disorder.

Frodo Plush
Frodo Doll

Craftster member MumbleFord wasn’t content to simply buy a plush Frodo from a store. She had to make her own! I think he turned out even cuter than the original. She was also generous enough to share her pattern, so you can make your own hobbit.

Map of Middle Earth Cigar Box
Map of Middle Earth Box

The latest LOTR swap on Craftster yielded some amazing projects, from replica cloaks to an amigurumi Bilbo. What impressed me the most, though, was this map of Middle Earth burned into a cigar box, made by Craftster Gommeriffic. Perfect thing for hiding your Old Toby in, eh?

Eye of Sauron T-shirt
Eye of Sauron Tie Dyed Shirt

Throw Led Zepplin’s “Ramble On” on the turntable and rock out with this crazy Eye of Sauron tie-dyed T-shirt, available from Portland-based Etsy seller Tie Dyed Monkeys.

Miniature J.R.R. Tolkien Art Doll
JRR Tolkien clothespin doll

The man himself, adorably immortalized in clothespin-doll form. Debbie Ritter (Etsy’s Uneek Doll Designs) also has a little C.S. Lewis doll. Makes me wish she had a dollhouse version of the Eagle and Child pub they used to meet in!