June 19

Making a Batman Comic Cabinet


I like this craft for it’s ease, it’s versatility and it’s “green-ness,” because it’s an upcycling project. Blondje601 wanted a nicer place to keep his comics, instead of just regular boxes, so he picked up an old metal filing cabinet from Goodwill for a few bucks.

He spray painted it black, and, using an overhead projector, he drew on two different Batman logos. When those were painted, he also painted the handles yellow. Boom, instant new custom storage.

The great thing about a project like this, is that you could do it it, for maybe even cheaper. By checking your local Craigslist “Free” section or Freecycle, you could score yourself the same kind of filing cabinet. Don’t like Batman (well, you might want to keep that to yourself so I don’t judge you), how about a red and blue cabinet for Spider-Man or Wonder Woman? Orange, black and white for the Rebels of Star Wars? You could even do lavender and pale yellow for a Fluttershy-themed cabinet.

If you don’t have access to a school’s old fashioned over-head projector, like Blondje601 did, then check with your friends. You could always use a USB micro projector plugged into your computer.

And remember, an awesome cabinet like this doesn’t have to be just for comics. Even important files and bills need a cool place to live. Really, the possibilities are limitless.

January 25

Make an Upcycled Doctor Who Tote Bag


With the holidays over, school’s definitely back in session.  Why not dress up your everyday look with a fun DIY Doctor Who Inspired Tote Bag made upcycling clothing? Elizabeth Hudec on DIY Ready has got a tutorial on making this fun bag using a tweed jacket, button down dress shirt, bow tie, and couple of belts (for the straps).  And if you were feeling adventurous, you could probably take the leftover sleeve parts and make pockets for the inside! A-llonsy!

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March 23

A Bracelet DIY Using Old Comics


I have a friend who creates awesome jewelry by recycling old comics, which got me thinking . . . what else can a person make with old comics? That’s how I found this tutorial on Oh! Rubbish! Blog. It’s a super easy DIY, with great pictures.  Plus, I’d bet magazines, newspapers, and old photos would probably work well with this idea too.  Just think of the possibilities!

January 4

Jewelry for Band Geeks

Clarinet key earrings-140848-BOA by Hangups in KC

Any Band Geeks out there? My husband played trumpet in his high school marching band, and continued as a member of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band. Now my daughter is following suit, playing his horn in her school marching band. Over the past 20+ years, I have attended and cheered at many a band performance, and developed a definite soft spot for those musical type geeks.

So I am pleased to toot the horn (couldn’t resist the pun) of a local Kansas City duo who is making some pretty cool things out of retired band instruments. Hangups in KC has created the Band of Angels Retired Instrument Jewelry Collection, crafting unique handmade items such as clarinet key earrings (pictured above), guitar string bracelets, and a necklace from repurposed violin wood.

These ladies are passionate about their craft and their commitment to using repurposed materials. I love their brand vision and message, and that they are giving new life to retired band instruments in a unique way. And bonus –  they give 30% of every sale from the collection to Band of Angels, a non-profit that collects used music instruments and makes them available to kids in need so they can join band and orchestra programs. Nurturing future generations of band geeks is something I can get behind!

For Christmas, I gave my daughter one of Hangups’ ornaments made from a retired trumpet mouthpiece. She thought it was pretty cool, then when she heard it helped other kids get started in band, it became an even more meaningful keepsake. Band mom win!

Trumpet ornament by Hangups in KC

Are you a Band Geek? What instrument did/do you play?