July 23

Nerd + skirt = Sknert?

Guys, can we talk about what Ashley Mertz is doing over at Go Chase Rabbits? Because, it’s like…whoa.  Whoa, slow down Ashley because I can’t even keep up with all these cute skirts and I have so many questions:  Where is the fabric coming from?  How do you have the time to make all these? What shoes would I wear with the Yoshi skirt?

If Yoshi isn’t your speed, 1) What is the matter with you and 2) Ms. Mertz likely has your geek beat covered from Tardis skirts, Pokemon pettis, Star Wars, LoTR…even a periodic table mini-skirt.  It’s all there, it’s all cute.

January 1

Yoshi Egg Plushie

Happy New Year Geek Crafters!

Since first picking up Super Mario World, I’ve always wanted a Yoshi. After years and years of waiting, I found an Etsy shop that sells Yoshi eggs.

Granted, they’re PLUSH Yoshi eggs, but still. They’re pretty adorable.

Etsy shop Get Your Game On not only sells already made plush Yoshi eggs, but DIY kits for said eggs. She also sells plush Invincible Stars and various Hello Kitty plushies.