February 8

Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

Misleading title I know.  Here’s the story.  In 2009, Casey Pugh asked thousands of Star Wars fans to help remake Episode IV: A New Hope, but there was a catch.  The iconic movie was broken down into 15 second pieces and users were asked to remake one of those pieces.  Now, we can finally watch the entire film, stitched together from thousands of submissions.

This is seriously the entire movie, and clocks in at over 2 hours.  Enjoy.


To learn more about what this is all about, go to StarWarsUncut.com.

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January 11

Youtube Video: The Arrow of Time

I stumbled on these videos by minutephysics a few days ago and promptly watched them all.  I knew immediately that I wanted to share them with you, but I didn’t know which one to share.  I wanted to share them all, but i’m fairly certain that I would be skinned alive.  In the end, I chose The Arrow of Time, because it includes one of my favorite principles of physics: Entropy.


If you enjoyed this as much as I did, visit minutephysics on Youtube and watch the rest of their videos.  They teach you while you learn.

January 4

Youtube Video: Super Mario Beads

I stumbled on this little video by Marcus and Hannes Knutsson on Youtube and I knew I had to share it.  I can’t even fathom how long it must have taken to put this together with all of the animation involved using perler beads.  There are a few different similar videos by the same makers floating around Youtube, but I haven’t yet found a dedicated channel for them.


I love finding videos like this one.  It absolutely makes my day.  If you know of anything similar, let me know in the comments.

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August 3

Youtube Video: Glass Blown Cat

I found this awesome video of some dude in Venice making a cat out of blown glass.  His talent is amazing and I wish I had some more details about him so I could direct you to more of his work, but this video was just too awesome not to share.  I am always amazed by people who have real talent in crafting something of lasting value, and I think you will agree that this is fantastic.


July 6

YouTube Video: Jolly Rampage

I’m so excited about this, you have no idea.  I live on YouTube.  I love YouTube.  YouTube is like the epicenter for everything awesome on the internet (aside from geekcrafts.com).  One of my favorite things is when I stumble on a new YouTube channel as it is starting up.  My latest find, marydoodles, was recommended to me by another YouTuber, nicepeter.  She does time-lapse videos of watercolor paintings that are just amazing.


If you like her paintings, she puts them up for auction after each video posts.  So far she has done paintings featuring Unicorns and Robots, so it’s safe to say that she is absolutely amazing.

March 5

Inconsolable by Shaheed Shabazz

Inconsolable is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Before I received my copy in the mail, author Shaheed Shabazz warned me that the book was “graphic and twisted” and I smirked to myself, thinking “He doesn’t know me very well, graphic and twisted is what I do“. I was not prepared in the least for the gore-filled, horrifying ride that calls itself Inconsolable.

There were times, while reading this revenge tale full of drugs, torture and mind tricks, that I couldn’t put the book down–there were other times when I was so horrified by the images Shabazz so skillfully painted that I had to put the book down to give myself a break from the intensity. The story starts out calmly enough, introducing the reader to Sean Stiles, a character who at once seems unassuming and noble. Shortly after we meet him, he meets a group of meth heads and loses his life. The story picks up down the line, where our meth addicted murderers have sworn each other to secrecy, gotten clean and moved on. Or so they thought.

Although they were sure no one would “miss” Sean Stiles it becomes clear that someone did, and that someone is intent on ripping apart their lives, and their bodies. With scenes straight out of a Japanese horror flick, Shabazz throws us into a world that is run by the Blue Giant, where justice is carried out slice by slice, slowly but surely, and where no one is off-limits. The book will leave you shaken, terrified to close your eyes, and regretting every wrong you have ever committed in your life. It’s a great read–if you’re brave enough.

See what Shaheed Shabazz had to say to Geek Crafts after the jump.

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