March 21

Make Your Own Giant Origami Bunnies!


Since Easter is right around the corner, I thought I’d share this cool tutorial from Amy on Oh Happy Day so you too can populate your space with giant origami bunnies! Because who doesn’t need one or two (or twenty) giant origami bunnies, right?! The tutorial has lots of pictures and even a short video for one of the more complex steps, and it all seems easy(ish) enough to follow.  Some pretty expensive paper is getting used for the bunnies shown (something like $40/roll–yikes!).  I haven’t tried this, but I think if you’d be willing to go with a less giant bunny, instead of using 53″ square piece of paper (as called for in the tutorial), you could probably get away a 24″ square piece of poster board for around $1. Furthermore, if you were a super creative type, I don’t see why this concept of giant origami couldn’t translate to other cool shapes (if somebody makes a giant Yoda origami, you MUST share your creation!).

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October 4

May the Force of Origami Be With You

Origami is one of those things that always seemed like magic to me when I first learned it. A few folds here and there and poof! A piece of paper had turned into a swan, or butterfly. So in true Geek Crafts fashion, I’ve found two ways to turn origami geeky! The first is the most iconic ship of the Star Wars universe – the Millennium Falcon.

Courtesy of Wired Magazine, has posted an illustrated tutorial on how to fold your own version of Han’s beloved ship.

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.” 

Origami Millennium Falcon

“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought!”


And, in case you’d like to make Luke’s ship to accompany Han, Xenobia has posted instructions to make an origami X-Wing over at Just try not to get it stuck in any swamps.

Origami X-Wing

A few pieces of paper, a bit of time, and you can make your own Rebellion fleet! And remember, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

April 30

Tutorial: Lucky Origami Nintendo Stars

Recently I had to have a late-night conference call for work. It went for two hours and ended at midnight. However, thanks to the wonders of hands-free kits I was able to do some geeky crafting at the same time, so it didn’t feel like much of my evening had been swallowed up by work stuff after all!

Tiny Origami Nintendo Stars

Itty bitty paper Nintendo Stars are really easy and quick to make, and the more you make of them the better they look. If you don’t know how to make these tiny origami stars, keep reading for a quick tutorial.

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May 21

When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not

Star Wars, hmm?  How about Star Wars origami, hmm?  Better still, Yoda origami, hmm?  Over at hongkiat. check out other nerdy origamis, and care of a mr, the Yoda is.  Phillip West.  His Flickr page check out.  Hmmmmmm.


Who loves origami? Who loves Star Wars? How about Star Wars origami?  Better still, Yoda origami? Check out other nerdy origami at HongKiat, and the Yoda is from Mr. Phillip West. Check out his Flickr page.

Happy Talk like Yoda day!

December 15

Nothing Says “Happy Holidays” Like Yoda!

I was playing around the web this week and came upon a really fantastic origami Yoda. And I thought “I will share this with my Geek Crafts peeps!” But finding the pattern [PDF] was tricky. I eventually succeeded, though you’ll notice the (very few) written directions are in Spanish. The translations are pretty easy to guess, but if you want to be very sure, Google Translate is more than up to the task.

I think he’d look splendid on a Christmas tree (or on/alongside any other holiday accoutrements that might be part of your celebrations)!

This isn’t the end of my story, though. Because I do my internet browsingwork on a shockingly-crashy Mac, and I lost both of the browser windows I had open in order to remember this fun little Yoda. So I tried to retrace my digital steps in, admittedly, a rather lackadaisical way. I ended up finding a totally adorable “baby Yoda” ornament pattern from Etsy seller Woolly Boully, as well as a book about an origami Yoda (or really about life as a sixth grader). I seriously need to learn to crochet, because I need this ornament on my tree! Not want. Need.

December 31

12 Best of 2010

Here are my choices for the 12 best geek crafts of 2010:

January – Super Mario Vest by The Happy Seamstress
Super Mario Sweater Vest

February – Minimalist Take on Star Wars by Justin Van Gendern
Minimalist Take on Star Wars

March – Tiny Harry Potter Paintings by JennaDickes
Tiny Harry Potter Paintings

April – Periodic Table of the Elements Table by Abigailscrafts
Periodic Table of the Elements Table

May – Buffy the Vampire Slayer button by ButtonBettie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Button

June – Tardis Schrapnel by Irishdaydreamer
Tardis Schrapnel

July – Crocheted Spock Head by Amy
Crocheted Spock Head

August (we didn’t have anything, so here’s one I like from May) – Origami Dinosaurs by essemde
Origami Dinosaurs

September (we also didn’t have anything, so here’s another one from June) – Mario Mushroom Grill by Greg.Matta
Mario Muchroom Grill

October – Darth Vader Princess Costume by mayamagination
Darth Vader Princess Costume

November – Tardis Star Quilt by Wendy
Tardis Star Quilt

December – Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles by RobinRed
Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles