February 24


At Geek Crafts, we have geeks all around the world writing for us. This is just a bit about all of the crew. Want to join us? Send a mock post to Redd at geekcrafts@gmail.com!


amylynn98Amy Lynn enjoys crochet (a lot of the kinds of crochet and sewn items she makes tend to be toys for friends and family made from her own patterns), sewing and card making as her main crafts, and now she can show all of you the really creative and crafty people out there that share our love handmade goodies. Some of the “geek” things that currently turn her on are Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stephen King, “The Big Bang Theory,” “Face Off” on SyFy, Abraham Lincoln, the Terminator, and most anything Halloween-related.



Angie PedersenAngie started on her geek path early, watching episodes of the original Star Trek series with her dad. While she remembers seeing Star Wars: Episode IV and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahnin the theaters during their premiere releases, she hopes you won’t do the math on that. Warp ahead a few years, to her wedding where you might have seen the groom’s cake with the Starfleet insignia in frosting form. Though her first-born is named “James T.”, her interests are not confined only to Star Trek – she also has a particular fondness for the Whedonverse and comic book heroes.  Angie enjoys crafting while geeking – crocheting or knitting charity projects while watching Battlestar Galactica with her husband. She is actually “multi-craftual” — in addition to knitting and crochet, she also enjoys scrapbooking (paper, digital, and hybrid), a little sewing, and upcycling thrift store finds into repurposed goodness. Angie is the author of three best-selling scrapbook journaling books: The Book of Me, Growing Up Me, and The Book of Us, as well as The Star Trek Craft Book. You can find Angie at her blog, The Blog of Me, on Twitter: @angiepedersen, and at her geek-inspired Etsy shop, G33kGirlCreative.


bethBeth is a geeky girl who wants to save the world through charitable (and fun) shindiggery. She was a nerd before she was a geek. Beth believes family is one of the most important things in the world, next to Star Trek: The Next Generation.  She is a product manager for artisan boutique, Quantum Mechanix, and runs non-profit, Austin Browncoats.  She is the owner of geek baby boutique, Geek-a-bye Baby, as well.  Beth is geekily married and has an adorable toddler who works as a model for Geek-a-bye Baby.  She can speak 6 languages fluently and buy shoes in at least 20.  Beth loves many geeky things including, but not limited to, most shows or movies starting with ‘Star’, learning fictional languages, retro video game consoles, Haldir of Lórien, comic book anti-heroes, and anything with Schwarzenegger, Stallone or Van Damme.  Oh, and she loves bacon. You can find Beth at her blog, http://www.haldira.com/ and on Twitter: @haldira.



caitie (150x150)Friday nights, you can find her playing Magic: The Gathering. Wednesday nights, you can find her playing tabletop games such as Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, or Carcassonne. During the week, you’ll always find her reading, playing video games, watching movies, needle felting, cross stitching, embroidering, or making 8-bit friends with perler beads. In the time in between, she’s writing anything from poetry to short stories. But on Monday, you can find her here, writing geek craft posts. Who is she? Caitie Davis.





Emma started her quest for a geek life when the first Pokémon games came out and has not strayed from the path since. During the day, she goes to college to become a bioinformatician, but when the sun comes down, she likes cooking and baking, perler beading, writing, swimming, gaming, reading and watching anime and tv. If you’re looking for her, try the local manga library or the toy store. Star Trek, Harry Potter, Japanese pop culture, fashion and science are some of the things that make her squee with delight. She lives with her gamer boyfriend and pet hamster Sasha in a teensy house near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Grace was born on a cattle ranch, and has spent of her much time on horseback training to become a Shieldmaiden of Rohan. Sadly, her elvish is rusty and her sisters refuse to play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit with her anymore. She lives in Colorado with her husband, who tries to teach her about Star Trek, football, and Starcraft, while she teaches him about Disney, Doctor Who, and the advantages X-Wings have over TIE Fighters. She has a bad habit of trying to sew, knit, and crochet far too many geeky projects at the same time. Grace’s dreams in life are to own a Night Fury, and the library from Beauty and the Beast. Check out her blog at www.happilygrim.blogspot.com, or her Pinterest boards at http://pinterest.com/erulisse/boards/.


jennytotorohatJenny loves Harry Potter perhaps more than life itself, and dreams of one day becoming the first female minister of magic. She can often be found curled up on the sofa in front of the telly, re-watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or one of the many Studio Ghibli films for the umpteenth time, her hands full of varying shades of yarn for her latest craft adventure! If she doesn’t have her hands taken up by her amigurumi project, they are probably holding her ps3 controller instead, playing one of her favourite games such as Little Big Planet or Ni no Kuni. Jenny is also a massive science nerd, and loves anything that helps explain the world around her, especially DNA, which according to Jenny, is one of the most beautiful things in the world.


Kaitlen hails from a line of talented ladies, so the craftiness came easily. The geekery, on the other hand, was acquired through years spent with her nose in books. Favorites include Neuromancer and Eloise; top shows include Firefly, Arrested Development, and Futurama (the Jurassic Bark episode always makes her tear up). Kaitlen may be found anywhere between England and California. Regardless of location, you can find her online at pinup.punkrockelite.org, where she blogs about fabulous things ranging from ruby slippers and tiaras to LOLcats and zombies. There is neither enough time in the day nor coffee in the world for Kaitlen to accomplish everything… but she tries.

Krys is an authentic product of the Jersey Shore and learned early on how to not mind those that don’t matter by not fraking caring about opinions. In addition to saving the world one tree at a time and learning MacGuyver-esque things like how to bake a cake with an empty can, cardboard bo,x and tinfoil, Girl Scouting also served to further cultivate her love of all things craft. While her MUDing and LARPing days have gone the way of blue boxes and pagers, Krys can be found around Dalaran every now and again. Favorite unwired activities include figure skating, Aikido, swimming, and should she ever have the time for it again, field hockey. Her three offspring know how to give her inner Peacekeeper a thorough workout, although they all enjoy watching anime together. Krys’ contributions to Geek Crafts will be as random as she is, but always interesting!


Stego Leah

Leah is a full time geek, part time crafter, currently living in British Columbia, Canada. She loves zombies, birds, dinosaurs, Star Trek, Alien, Predator, B-movies, MST3K, Red Dwarf, the Cthulhu Mythos, internet memes – just to name a few things. Embroidery is her go-to craft, but she has yet to try something she doesn’t like. Some of her non-crafty hobbies include birding, organizing, day dreaming, and thrifting. She also volunteers at a wildlife rehabilitation centre. She (somewhat sporadically) blogs about her life and likes at Zombies Wearing Helmets



Marjee is an educational video game designer, educational technologist, and doctoral student in the DC metropolitan area. She has lived there with her archivist husband and (eventually) two of the cutest dogs ever, named Bowser and Zelda, since 2006. She is originally from Chicago and while she misses the food, she feels herself to have become every bit the East Coaster. Marjee’s passion for science and technology is matched by her love of the arts. This comes out in her love of independent comics books, science fiction, and of course, geek crafts! Her current craft interests are dominated by sewing and crochet.  Marjee is also involved in animal rescue, traveling, and vegetarian cooking. You can keep up with Marjee’s comics related happenings here and her scholarly pursuits are posted here. You can also follow her rantings on twitter @mchmiel.


MelsMels learned to crochet when she was eight but didn’t develop a passion for it until she realized she could use her hooking skills to create the Doctor and his companions out of yarn.  Since this realization, she’s crocheted a Dalek, baked a very wonky TARDIS cake, and sewed an Ewok cell phone cover.   The sewing machine is still her nemesis, but she’s been known to hand sew smiling food stuffs.   When she’s not crafting, she’s writing and/or rewatching canceled television shows.  She loves Doctor Who, cheesy science fiction novels, her two dogs, and baked goods.  You can find her at her blog: ReaderlyGeek.tumblr.com.


PaulyPauly lives in the fabled lands of Canada with his darling wife Redd, his son Ash, and a small zoo.  In his day job he travels all over the world and sees the inside of many airports, hotels and taxi cabs.  He has always been a geek in one form or another, but is particularly fond of video games and tabletop role-playing games, and has an impressive collection of Pokemon cards.  Pauly enjoys cross-stitch, as long as it is geeky, and is the second half of Geekopolis on Etsy along with Redd.  These days he spends most of his time playing various Minecraft mods or practicing his Rubik’s Cube.  He makes sure to scour the net for the latest geek news every day.  He is also totally a Viking.


redd-150x150Redd loves all things nerdy and cute. She’s been crafting for as long as she can remember and it only made sense to combine her nerdiness with her craftiness. She lives just outside Toronto, Canada with her husband, son, four cats, english angora rabbit, a gerbil, a rat, a turtle and a guinea pig named Maurice. Redd is a full time crafter and loves doing cons. She still remembers how cool Star Wars was when she first watched it on BetaMax in the 80s. She enjoys nerding it up, working on her two sites FibreFun.netg33kopolis.com,  and playing her pink ukulele. Follow @g33kopolis on Twitter. You can also add her on X-Box Live: DameNamedRedd.



Renee is a 20-something West Coast sci-fi geek who loves to read, write and pontificate. She is currently residing in a bohemian artist’s town in Southern California, living a slightly cooler version of the American dream with her husband, toddler, and small scale zoo. Look for her in the front row of B-movie horror flicks, Doctor Who conventions, or elsewhere on the web at hiptobesquaremom.tumblr.com.





Samantha was born and raised in the North East of England, now “on tour” in Buckinghamshire. By day “Geeky Sweety” teaches Philosophy and Religious Studies to children between the ages of 11-18. By night she sews, embroiders, and upcycles. Her favourite things are 80s girl cartoons, anything Tim Burton touches, Doctor Who, Star Trek/Wars/Gate, Disney films (but only the ones based on fairy tales), cheesy Japanese kawaii culture and horrifically scary Japanese horror films. She also has a passion for Karaoke and occasionally sings in a rock covers band. Her husband custom builds Star Wars action figures; they havn’t counted them because they don’t want to get depressed, but good estimates place the total number at around 400. She believes only boring people get bored.


Shayne RiouxShayne is a geek and crafter living near Washington, DC, with her geeky son and too many cats. She’s been crafting for as long as she can remember and her first geek memory is of seeing Star Wars on the big screen. Shayne is mildly obsessed with garden gnomes, Elvis Presley, her cat Chuck, swearing in French, decorating, and hatching ideas for new websites that may or may not come to fruition. You can check out Shayne’s own crafts at noveltykitten.com and transcraftinental.com. You can also find her on page 206 of Vickie Howell’s Craft Corps and page 97 of Susan Beal’s World of Geekcraft. When she’s not blogging or crafting or blogging about crafting, Shayne is nearing the end of a BA in technical writing and plans to proofread the world.





Susan is a crafter and writer in Portland, Oregon, who adores Star Wars, Harry Potter and Coraline. She’s the author of Button It Up and Bead Simple, and co-wrote Super Crafty with her craft collective (pdxsupercrafty.com). When she’s not crafting she’s usually drinking coffee and trying to keep up with her speedy toddler, Pearl, and baby boy, Everett. She also writes about things she likes and projects to make at westcoastcrafty.com.