June 4

Space invaders cuff links

space invaders cufflinks

Do you have an old-school geeky dad in your life?  With father’s day right around the corner, Virginie Millefior might have something up his alley. These little aliens are “sawn-off from a sheet of brass, molded and cast into brass to create two identical space invaders cufflinks.”

If you are an aficionado of old video games, but have no need to link cuffs, fear not! Ms. Millefior also has necklaces, rings, and other trinkets that pay homage to our favorite games of the late 70s/early 80s.

January 10

Arcade Light Switch

So sometimes I like to fantasize about the things that I would put in my house if I actually owned one,  and this might be on the top of the list for my son’s room if not the whole house because they are just soooo cool.  I mean who doesn’t love arcade buttons?  They’re handmade, and I just think you couldn’t get a kick out of these every time you turned your lights on or off.  You can find them at Leet Dreams Etsy shop… here.


December 11

Awesome Pac Man Crafts

Lovely lady k4tr1n4 has made an amazingAwesome Pac Man t-shirt new interactive t-shirt perfect for little boys and big boys alike! The little white dots are made of velcro and the super cute ghosts are made out of felt so they can be stuck and unstuck to your hearts content.

Alternatively, the girly girls out there might prefer a little cross stitch with their retro gaming… Craftster CaribouOnTheSea got a little carried away with her Pac Man scheme and made this wonderful and ‘punny’ project.

  • Pac Man cross stitch 

 Cross stitch on Geekcrafts

 Clothing on Geekcrafts

November 2

Portland Post-It Pac-Man

I was downtown a few days ago and spotted this cool little Post-It Pac-Man scene that someone put together – an Oregon answer to the San Francisco scene Sherezada blogged about in May?

Love the power pellets and especially Pac-Man’s contrast eye.

You can find this one at the corner of NW 12th and Davis in Portland. It spans two windows for maximum horizontal video-game effect.

Whoever made this one, thanks! Any other Post-It Pac-Men sightings out there? (Or Tetris, or any other pixelated masterpieces?) Please snap a photo and add it to our geekcrafts flickr pool or comment with a link and where you spotted it, we’d love to see more of these.

May 24

Post-It Pac-Man

Post-It Pac-ManGeek crafts can be found in the strangest of places, if you know how to keep your eyes open.

Last week, I was taking a nice, meandering walk through San Francisco. I was enjoying the rare spring sunshine as I made my way through downtown, when this colorful window caught my eye.

You don’t expect to find unabashed displays of geekiness in the heart of a posh shopping/business district! Yet, there were Inky and Pinky, chasing Pac-Man across the building windows.

I’d only ever seen Post-It pixel art online before, so it was neat to see it in person. It makes me wonder about the folks who work there, though, especially since Pac is on the run from the ghosties. Is this a secret geeky cry for help? Or employees covertly letting off a little steam, aimed towards this boss?